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1 inch Celsion™ Talalay Latex Foam Topper
1 inch Celsion™ Talalay Latex Foam Topper
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Experience total pampering without the luxury price tag. Indulge yourself in the comfort of a Celsion Talalay processed latex foam mattress!

* Less tossing and turning by minimizing fluctuations in body temperature
* Lessens need to add blankets and minimizes perspiring
* Anti-microbial properties built-in and dust mite resistant
Material Type Talalay processed 100% Natural Latex Foam Blended with 60% to 70% Styrene Butadine Rubber (SBR)
Color Cream (Used to be pink) or light pastel green
Thickness 0.9" (Approx. 1")
Money Back Guarantee 30 Days (Must be received with no damage)
Manufacturer's Standard Limited Warranty against Manufacturing Defects 20 years
Shipping Time 4 to 5 business days