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Luxurious High Quality Feather Beds & Down-Alternative Fiber Beds
Feather Beds & Down Alternative Fiber Beds
Down-Alternative Fiber BedDown-Alternative Fiber BedRelieve pressure points for a deeper night's sleep using an extra layer of cushioning support from our Down-Alternative Fiber Bed. This is the best alternative to down feather: of highest quality and best price! Pacific Coast® Luxe Loft™ Feather BedPacific Coast® Luxe Loft™ Feather BedBest buy for your money. This feather bed is used in most upscale hotels. Luxurious 4 1/2 to 5 inch of loft with minimal shifting of feathers inside baffled boxes. Pacific Coast® Euro Rest® Feather BedPacific Coast® Euro Rest® Feather BedQuilted top layer and gusseted baffled channel construction allows this feather bed to provide maximum softness and fluff to the very edge. Its exclusive design guarantees blissful comfort.
Hotel Baffle Box Feather BedsHotel Baffle Box Feather BedsPacific Coast® Luxe Loft™ with Zip cover, priced as a package. Compare to Pacific Coast® Hotel Collection. Feather Bed ProtectorFeather Bed ProtectorUse this 230 TC 100% cotton zipper case/protector to keep your feather bed clean and at the same time prevent annoying feathers from escaping. This encasement protects your feather bed but without restricting its original fluffed shape. Therefore, you can keep your feather bed clean and experience maximum comfort from your feather bed at the same time.

What's the Difference?

Feather beds or feather-filled mattress toppers are one of the prime choices for a more natural and luxuriously comfortable bedding. Feathers have flexible central quills with soft filament. They have a natural spring-like quality that provides resilient support. Feathers are natural, renewable and sustainable. Pacific Coast® down and feathers are cleaned using the company’s exclusive Hyperclean® process. Hyperclean® employs a proprietary blend of mild soaps that are biodegradable, PH neutral and environmentally friendly. This process most effectively removes dust, dirt and allergens that cause allergic reactions and ensures clean, fluffy, and extremely comfortable down and feathers that make Pacific Coast® down and feather products allergy-free.

While Pacific Coast® feather beds are guaranteed not to cause allergic reactions for most people, there are very few that may still find themselves allergic to these products. While some people will not even want to try natural feather beds for fear of allergic reactions, there are others that may prefer an alternative to feathers for cost and maintenance reasons.

Alternatives to feather beds are polyester fiber filled beds Ingeo™ fiber filled beds. Unlike polyester fiber, the Ingeo™ fiber is not derived from petroleum but instead from plants such as corn, through an environmentally-friendly process that does not use harsh chemicals or solvents. Beds filled with either alternative are preferred by people that are allergic to down or feathers and are more cost effective and easier to maintain. While the warmth you get from feathers and down are unparalleled, these alternatives do provide similar benefits.