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Orthopedic Latex Foam & Memory Foam Dog Beds

Our simple and beautifully constructed large dog beds are especially designed for big and large dogs with arthritis or other orthopedic problems. These orthopedic dog beds are built with 4-inch or 6-inch of only the finest Talalay latex foam and your choice of zipper cover. These beds offer a perfect balance of comfort and support for dogs and durability and pride for a pet owner like you.

Large dogs with orthopedic problems will benefit from our orthopedic dog beds but these beds will equally satisfy just about any dogs and their owners. Some owners may want these beds for themselves, too. We cannot and will not question it because everyone loves a pampering quality that is made to last for a very long time!

Featured in the picture is Tiny. Obviously Tiny is not a large dog but he loves our 26"x40"x4" orthopedic latex dog bed made with Crypton fabric. Tiny is an outdoors dog and although we do not recommend that these luxurious latex dog beds be used outside for long periods of time, Tiny's very proud owner did not hesitate to give him the most luxuriously comfortable dog bed. For almost a year now, this latex dog bed has withstood the harsh weather outside and his owner said that Tiny had refused to use his other beds. The owner claimed that this latex dog bed has been very easy to clean. There's no doubt that even smaller dogs love our SleepLikeABear Orthopedic Natural latex dog beds.