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About Us SleepLikeABear



We are a family owned business. We offer old fashioned customer service and being old fashioned, we believe that honesty is still always the best policy!

At D&E Worldwide, Inc., one of our goals is to offer only very high quality products at competitive prices. We promise to meet or exceed our customers' reasonable expectations by providing excellent customer service.

SleepLikeABear.com is a division of D&E Worldwide, Inc. Here, we are committed to helping people get the best quality sleep that they deserve. We believe that a restful sleep is a highly important ingredient in a healthy and pleasurable living.

We are constantly reviewing our existing product line and regularly re-evaluating our policies and procedures including our product suppliers to make sure that we can continue to deliver the best value for your money.  We are constantly seeking new products to provide a broader range of sleep solution.

Unlike large retail stores that sell products similar to ours, we aim to build and keep strong personal relationships with our customers. (Have you ever noticed that some large companies try very hard to get your business but once you've become their customer you are just like anyone?) At D&E Worldwide, Inc.., we don't play the "numbers game" and never will.

Unlike larger retail stores, we don't have huge overhead costs while we have eliminated the "third man" for you. We will deal only directly with the manufacturer of our products and we will continually develop cost-saving strategies to help keep our cost down and pass our savings to our customers.

Unlike some small-time retailers, we have a mission and we will continue to grow our business with that mission.  Thefore, we promise to offer only high-quality products, keep our business profitable and offer more value for your money at the same time. We will continue to value and respect you, our customers, and stand by the one rule:

       Rule #1: Customers are always right.
       Rule #2: If the customer isn't right, go back to Rule #1.