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Adjustable Temperature ChiliPad Heat or Cooling Mattress Pad
ChiliPad Hot or Cold Mattress Pad

Our ChiliPad™ Cube mattress pad is not only the ultimate cooling mattress pad but is an excellent heating mattress pad. Unlike the more popular electric blankets, our ChiliPad™ mattress pad will keep you warm safely without the EMF's (electromagnetic fields). Use our ChiliPad™ Cube mattress pad for any seasons!

ChiliPad™ Cube mattress pad is classified as a DME (Durable Medical Equipment). The medical markets that find great relief from our ChiliPad include, but are not limited to: Menopause, Andropause, Cancer Survivors, MS Survivors, Burn Survivors, Arthritis, Relief from prescription medications, High Metabolism, Endometriosis, Certain Neurological Conditions, Peripheral Neuropathy, Insomnia, Epilepsy, auto immune disorders, as well as other medical conditions.

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Size & Dimensions Approx. Box Weight
& Dimensions
Single-Temperature Zone Dual-Temperature Zone
Single (Split Queen)
30″ x 75″
16 lbs, 16"x15"x15" $ 449.00 n/a
38″ x 75″
16 lbs, 16"x15"x15" $ 499.00 n/a
Twin XL (Split King)
38″ x 80″
16 lbs, 16"x15"x15" $ 599.00 n/a
Split California King
36” x 84”
16 lbs, 16"x15"x15" $ 629.00 n/a
53″ x 75″
18 lbs, 20"x15"x16" $ 649.00 n/a
60″ x 80″
26 lbs, 24"x15"x19" n/a $    999.00
King/Eastern King
76″ x 80″
30 lbs, 24"x15"x19" n/a $ 1,099.00
Cal King
72″ x 84″
30 lbs, 24"x15"x19" n/a $ 1,099.00

Now, a mattress pad that allows you to adjust your sleeping temperature in one degree increments without affecting your sleeping partner's comfort. 

Our revolutionary pad was inspired by the concept of water beds. It offers adjustable temperature that will allow you to sleep at any temperature. Here are just a few reasons why you will love this hot or cold mattress pad:

  • Cools highly effectively, just like a waterbed: Millions of Americans are sleepless from sleeping hot due to varied reasons: hot flashes, night sweats, hot humid summers;
  • Better for your health and safer: If you need more warmth during cold winter nights, Chili provides warmth without the use of electric current in wires that generate electromagnetic fields (EMF's). Excessive heat from electric blankets creates a high risk of skin burns, fire, and/or damage to a foam mattress. With Chili pad, warm water runs through the tubes to keep you comfortable.;
  • A Green product. Save energy and money: Uses just a fraction of energy to make cold winter nights warmer and very hot summer nights cooler. Compare to heating or cooling the entire house;
  • Individual temperature control allows each sleeper to sleep comfortably: Most couples sleep at different temperatures. Now, both sleepers can be comfortable at the same time;
  • Works for any season: With the temperature being adjustable, there isn't a difference anymore between sleeping in winter and summer nights;
  • Ultra quiet: Recently improved so that the fan is even more quiet and the display less brilliant;
  • Not too thick: This mattress pad is less than 1/2 inch thick and should not significantly change the firmness of your mattress;
  • Easy maintenance: Machine washable.

  • New active cooling and warming thermo-electric technologies:
    • Better performance: it cools your mattress better and faster than the previous version;
    • More efficient energy usage: it runs on an average of 80 watts with a high end output of 170 watts.
  • Temperature Settings:
    • User can set temperature from a “LO” setting with a target temperature of 46F (8C), individual degree increments between 55-110F (13-43C), or a “HI” setting with a target temperature of 118F (48C).
  • Mute Function:
    • Customers can turn on or off the chime sounds of the CUBE 1.1.
  • Auto Shut off:
    • CUBE 1.1 automatically shuts off after 10 hours of continued use.
  • Auto Display Diming Function:
    • This prevents any light nuisance to the sleep environment.
  • Much more quiet:
    • Noise level has been improved to 45 decibels on average (compare to a computer fan). Normal human conversation is 60 decibels;
    • Designed to have a white noise effect, which is said to drown out external sounds and aid in sleep quality.
  • Mattress Pad:
    • Tail has been changed to double insulated silicone tubing to improve performance and durability;
    • Tail has been extended to 5’ (60”) from 4’ (48”).
  • International Features:
    • Smart Power Supply: Switches between 110/220v automatically based on input voltage;
    • Power Cord is interchangeable to be travel friendly. It has a universal fitting that it inserts into on the CUBE 1.1 unit to allow for different types of cords to be used in different countries;
    • Fahrenheit and Celsius Modes: Units and remotes switch easily to adhere to the user’s preference.

How It Works

  • The mattress pad allows for ultimate heating and water cooling effect.
  • Water continuously runs through Silicone Tubing.
  • Water circulating through silicone tubing allows for temperature adjustments.
CLICK to see construction details...

CLICK to see construction details...