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High-Profile RejuveNite Talalay GL Fast (Celsion)- Cooler Talalay Latex Foam
High-Profile RejuveNite Talalay GL Fast (Celsion)- Cooler Talalay Latex Foam
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RejuveNite™ Talalay GL Fast Recovery High-Profile Latex Pillow (Celsion)
*Best for Hot Sleepers*

Traditional classic pillow design. high-profile medium comfort latex pillow. Primarily designed to help you sleep cool. Comes with two protective covers: a permanent soft, white mesh-like fabric cover and a machine washable bamboo zipper cover.

Note: The RejuveNite™ Celsion latex pillow is now called the RejuveNite™ Talalay GL Fast Recovery High-Profile Latex Pillow. Are you wondering why it is Talalay GL Fast Recovery? Latex foam is naturally resilient and instantly conforms and recovers from weight, unlike memory foam. A new technology became available to change the natural "fast" characteristic of Celsion and create a latex product that feels just like memory foam but non-toxic, natural and cool. Being that the name "Celsion" originally referred to "cool latex foam," the need to change it to "Talalay GL" became apparent. Therefore, the original "Celsion," which felt like latex, is now called "Talalay GL Fast." To learn more about Celsion or Talalay GL matrtress toppers, click here.

This cool Celsion Talalay GL latex pillow was designed with hot sleepers primarily in mind. The coolest Celsion Talalay latex foam is wrapped inside a luxurious silky soft and very cool bamboo fabric. With only the coolest  latex foam and bamboo fabric material used, this latex pillow provides the optimally cool and natural sleeping surface for hot sleepers and everyone else alike. This pillow should help you sleep in your ideal zone: if you are hot, it will cool you down and if you are cold, it will warm you up. This pillow will help with proper alignment of your body without discomfort from heat and will eliminate those stubborn neck pains.

A larger pillow compared to the Celsion Low-Profile latex pillow, the Celsion High-Profile latex pillow has a firm and resilient feel for sleepers that prefer more support. Great for most back and side sleepers. The firmness of the Celsion High Profile latex pillow compares very well to our Medium Classic Talatech latex pillow. The main difference is the fabric covers.

Available Sizes:

Queen: 27.5" x 15.7" x 7"
King: 33" x 15.7" x 7"

IMPORTANT: Please note that our new stock of RejuveNite™ Talalay GL Fast Recovery High-Profile Latex Pillows are exactly the same as our Pure Latex Bliss Active Fusion pillows: the same cool latex foam and the same zip covers are used. The original bamboo zip cover has been discontinued but the cool latex foam remained the same.

Size Queen: 27.5" x 15.7" x 7",King: 33" x 15.7" x 7"
Firmness MEDIUM
Profile High Profile
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Shipping Time 1 to 2 business days
Features Benefits
Unparalleled Comfort and Superior Support Allows for deep, restorative sleep
Uniquely and Naturally Healthy Eco friendly, perfect for allergy sufferers
Exceptional Durability Long lasting benefits...worth every penny
Cover Outer cover: Luxuriously soft washable bamboo cover with zipper
Cool latex foam with phase change material inside No more sweats: regulates your body temperature the better than any other foams
Packaging White color zippered vinyl bag with handle