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Down and Down Alternative Comforters and Blankets
Down and Down Alternative Comforters and Blankets

Why down and down alternative beddings?

The answer is simple: they are luxuriously comfortable!

Have you ever wondered how some animals can withstand living in the wild during very cold weather that is not conducive to human life? Birds, for example, don’t seem to mind the wet and cold weather. While humans can only survive in a heated shelter with clothing and blankets to keep them warm, birds resist the extremely cold temperature with their bare selves.

Since it is the skin that has the ability to feel around it, some natural heat insulation must surround a bird’s skin to control its body temperature. It must be feathers that keep a bird warm! Down or down feathers are very fine fluffy feathers that cover most newly hatched birds. On adult or mature bird, down is usually found under the harder outer contour feathers.

Down is excellent for trapping air and therefore is an excellent insulator. Down is also very soft and extremely lightweight. All of these attributes make down an ideal and highly popular component for beddings. Down can be packed tightly and is commonly used in pillows and blankets and comforters. Down, however, doesn’t dry quickly and requires extra care and maintenance that can be costly. A duvet cover is almost necessary to use with a down comforter to minimize the need to wash the down comforter. For lower cost and easier maintenance, down alternatives were created. Down alternatives are polyester fibers that mimic the softness and insulation of natural down. In addition, down alternatives offer less allergens and are therefore preferred by allergy sufferers. Note, however, that natural down is unquestionably superior in providing warmth and if placed inside tightly woven cotton outer shells, potential allergens that enter the down may be minimized. Also, natural down must be kept dry and stored in a non-humid area in order to avoid mildew and molds that allergy sufferers may really be allergic to. SleepLikeABear.com is introducing high quality down and down alternative pillows and bedding products.

Pacific Coast Feather has been around since 1884 producing the finest quality pillows, comforters, feather beds, mattress pads and related bedding products whether it is natural-down fill products or synthetic-down fill products. Until we find another brand that compares to it, we will be offering only this brand.