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Latex International Latex Mattress Toppers
Talalay Latex Mattress Toppers

Uniform Support

Talatech® foam mattresses instantly conform to each unique contour of your body for exceptional, orthopedic support and pressure relief.

We offer all ILD ratings that are made in every mattress size in 1 inch, 2, inch, and 3 inch thickness!

We offer the three varieties of Talatech® Talalay latex foams: Talatech® Classic, Talatech® Natural, and Talatech® Celsion (now called Talatech® Talalay GL). Talatech® is the brand name of Talalay latex foams manufactured in the USA by Latex International. Talatech® foam mattresses instantly conform to each unique contour of your body for exceptional, orthopedic support and pressure relief. Our temperature-regulating Celsion™ helps you maintain a consistent body temperature throughout the night while experiencing the comfort, pressure relief and health benefits of a Talalay latex foam. Our Talalay latex foams are guaranteed to contain NO chemical flame retardants and certified to be safe to health and for use by infants and children.
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Talatech® Talalay LatexTalatech® Talalay LatexTalatech® is the best Talalay latex for your money. Sleep comfortably on a mattress that perfectly conforms and properly supports your body. Even more so, stay warm in the winter and cooler in the summer with these high-quality Talalay latex mattress toppers. Available in eight firmness levels. Made in USA by Latex International. Oeko-Tek 100 Certified.
Celsion™ Talalay LatexCelsion™ Talalay LatexCelsion™ provides pressure relief while it helps those that sleep warmer than others sleep cool. Celsion™ has the least heat build up among all foams and has a phase change material that effectively wicks out body moisture. Available in three firmness levels. Made by Latex International. Oeko-Tek 100 Certified.
100% Natural Talalay Latex100% Natural Talalay LatexExperience perfect balance of support and comfort! The type of latex used in our 100% Natural Talalay latex foam is 100% naturally derived... it is the sap (or milk) of a rubber tree. Our 100% Natural Talalay latex is manufactured without any petroleum byproduct. Available in 5 firmness levels. Made in USA by Latex International. Oeko-Tek 100 Certified. Rejuvenite Talalay LatexRejuvenite Talalay LatexOur more affordable Rejuvenite toppers are Latex International latex that comes standard with a fabric zipper cover. Rejuvenite toppers are available in 3-inch only and as 19, 21, 24, and 28 ILD. The zip cover is constructed with very soft unquilted fabric on top and skid-proof fabric at the bottom (style may differ from picture). Made in USA by Latex International. Oeko-Tek 100 Certified.
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Talatech® Classic
Talatech® Celsion
Talatech® Natural
100% Natural
3" Rejuvenite
(Choose No Comfort Guarantee & Save $20.00)
1" 2" 3" 1" 2" 3" 1" 2" 3" 19 ILD 28 ILD 21 ILD (Fast)
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125.00 228.00 319.00 146.00 258.00 345.00 154.00 281.00 391.00 360.00 360.00 415.00

Twin XL
127.00 230.00 321.00 148.00 260.00 347.00 156.00 283.00 393.00 360.00 360.00 415.00

195.00 355.00 497.00 221.00 390.00 524.00 218.00 398.00 554.00 460.00 460.00 485.00

208.00 365.00 510.00 227.00 400.00 537.00 226.00 412.00 573.00 470.00 470.00 540.00
King/E King 76x80 250.00 437.00 612.00 294.00 518.00 695.00 295.00 538.00 750.00 545.00 545.00 670.00
Cal King
276.00 482.00 675.00 324.00 570.00 766.00 324.00 591.00 823.00 545.00 545.00 670.00
Note: (1) Thickness may not be exact to the inch and may vary slightly; (2) Full sizes and bigger normally come with glued seam. Read disclosures prior to purchase.

Why Choose Talatech® ?
  • Made using the Talalay process;
  • Certified to contain no harmful substances;
  • Environmentally friendly – naturally derived & biodegradable;
  • Anti-microbial and dust-mite resistant to alleviate allergies;
  • Resistance to moisture and heat;
  • Breathable cell structure – warmer in winter, cooler in summer;
  • Luxurious resilience and feel;
  • Superior orthopedic support (naturally conforms to body contours instantly);
  • Unlike memory foam, latex foam does not remember your body's indentations. Every part of your body is firmly and quickly supported for every toss and turns;
  • Superior pressure relief reduces tossing and turning and alleviates pressure to help bring oxygen and nutrients to muscles;
  • Elimination of sleep disturbing motion transfers, so you rest easy even if your partner is restless;
  • Will not break down or set for very long period of use;
  • No need to turn or flip; consistent feel from top to bottom, head to toe.
Latex International’s Talalay latex foam products have been certified to contain no harmful substances by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Europe’s highest environmental consumer product standard. Latex International foam products meets the human-ecological requirements of the standard presently established for baby articles.

Our Talatech® Talalay latex foam has the most uniform and consistent feel and provides a perfect balance of support and comfort. Talatech® has the longest track record in the mattress industry and is widely known to be the most durable. For the longest time, Talatech® has helped thousands and thousands consumers achieve a deep and restorative sleep.