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Irregulars & Miscellaneous / Scrap Foam Cuts
Irregulars & Miscellaneous / Scrap Foam Cuts

(Picture shown is a contribution from one of our customers that built his mattress from these scraps foams. Read his testimonial.)

We are dedicated to save backs and our environment!

SleepLikeABear.com is committed to help conserve our environment. From time to time we have miscellaneous latex foam pieces that may not be the right size for any mattress nor recommended for a mattress but may serve well for other reasons. To be able to put these miscellaneous latex foams to use, we are offering them to anyone that can find use for them.

Most of these latex foams are brand new but some may have been cut from returned toppers that have been cleaned up. If they happened to be the right mattress size, we don't recommend that you use them for your mattress but many customers may have possibly done so. We cut them down to smaller sizes sometimes to make them usable only for seat cushions or pet beds, just an example.

These pieces of latex foams are sold very cheap but are sold as is and will come in thicknesses of 1 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch, and even 5.6" or 6". They will be available precut in various lengths and widths. We will post the approximate sizes that we have and price them accordingly. You can use these foams as is or cut them to size yourself, or glue pieces together to make whatever you need. Some of the uses that we can think of are for the following:

  • Seat cushions or chair pad;
  • Airplane travel seat pad ('travelling at least 6 hours straight?);
  • Wheelchair seat cushions;
  • Bean bag chair stuffing (shredded foam is recommended);
  • Custom pillow (shredded foam is recommended or just a slab of foam);
  • Insert for your DownAround® Pillows for more support;
  • Replacement insert for Rejuvenite Bliss or Rejuvenite Harmony pillow;
  • Video gaming/TV living room pad;
  • Mattress zoning projects (3-zone, 5-zone, 7-zone, etc);
  • Mattress extensions: (Do you need to extend a Twin size mattress to Twin XL (add 5 inch to the foot area), or enlarge a Full size mattress to a Queen size (add 6 inch to the side and 5 inch to the foot area)?);
  • Mattress kneeling pad or sitting pad;
  • Pet beds, large dog beds (Do you have a Great Dane or a Saint Bernard that you love? Does your dog have arthritis? Are you tired of buying a dog mattress that lasts for a short time and becomes unsanitary too quickly?);
  • Dog kennel pad or cushion;
  • Crib mattress (ILD's of 32 and up is recommended);
  • Tool pad;
  • Sound proofing;
  • Child proofing;
  • Crafts;
  • Sham fillers (shredded is recommended);
  • Pen holders (?);
  • Pin cushion or emery bag (?);
  • Neck brace (?);
  • Car Pillow (?);
  • Something to hug (?);
  • (Tell us what you used it for).

If the piece is too big for your application, they  are very easy to cut with a sharp electric knife.

If you would need small pieces of miscellaneous latex  foams, we will have them available and priced by the pound. Please contact us to check the current price and availability if you need them. This page is new and we're contantly updating it so please stay tuned.

(Prices include standard economy shipping to the 48 contiguous states. Price and availability is subject to change with no prior notice.)

Check often for new availability.

Shipping is included in the price. No Returns. No Manufacturer's Warranty applies.