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Organic Dunlop Pillow with Edge Support (Zoned) *Closeout*
Organic Dunlop Pillow with Edge Support (Zoned) *Closeout*
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Certified Organic Dunlop Latex Pillow with Edge Support
Comes with a removable cotton zipper cover.
Closeout. Limited Quantities Left.

This Certified Organic Dunlop latex pillow is a unique product and a great addition to our latex pillow collection. If you are looking for a firm pillow with a dense feel but has low profile, this pillow might suit you the best. Designed with two firmness zones, this Dunlop pillow has a firmer edge support and a softer center to cushion your head. This pillow offers support and pressure relief. It is generally recommended for side and back sleepers.

You can expect that this latex pillow feels denser and less bouncy (less airy) than any Talalay processed latex pillows.

Why Choose this Product?
  • With Dunlop manufacturing process, natural Latex is frothed, mixed with air, and poured into a stainless-steel pin molds and then steam cured and soft dried, allowing sediments in the mixture to settle to the bottom of the mold. This technique creates a breathable open-cell material while it keeps the natural latex characteristics;
  • With Certified Organic farming, no pesticides are used and the use of fertilizers is highly restricted;
  • With Certified Organic manufacturing, no toxic chemicals are used and strictly no toxic metals like lead and mercury and no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's);
  • With Certified Organic manufacturing, you are supporting a safe and humane working conditions.
Just like any of our latex products, when you use this certified organic latex pillow:
1. You are supporting a sustainable and earth-friendly manufacturing process;
2. You are not adding to the non-biodegradable waste. This product is a non-hazardous waste and will decompose in time;

3. You are guaranteed to sleep on a non-toxic, no-off-gassing, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial sleeping surface;
4. Because of its open-cell structure, you should sleep cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter;
5. You are guaranteed a product that will not flatten and will last for many years.
Available Sizes Standard (16inx23.5inx6in); Queen (17inx29inx6in); King (17inx36.5inx6in)
Firmness Medium (Relatively more neck support and softer head cushion)
Profile Low Profile
Country of Manufacture Sri Lanka
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
Money-Back Guarantee All sales are final. NO COMFORT RETURNS.
Shipping Time 1 business day
Features Benefits
Certified organic latex Certified organic farming ensures no pesticides and a limited or no use of fertilizers to grow the rubber trees; Certified Organic manufacturing ensures no toxic chemicals used in the mixture. Healh friendly, earth friendly, supports humane working conditions
Non-toxic, allergen-free, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, resists molds, dustmite resistant Promotes good health
Exceptionally durable Saves you money and comfort will last for many years