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SHREDDED 100% Natural Latex Foam 25 LBS SOLD AS IS
SHREDDED 100% Natural Latex Foam 25 LBS SOLD AS IS
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25 lbs All-Natural Shredded Latex
* Price includes shipping to any 48 contiguous states of USA *

This latex product is natural latex (rubber tree sap). Latex naturally resists the growth of bacteria, molds, and mildew, and resists dust mites. It does not have toxic off gassing like most common upholstery filler materials. This latex product promotes good health, supports safe environment. It is resilient, will never flatten, and extremely durable. The latex is shredded with maximum possible consistency. Note that some size irregularities may occur.

You may use these latex shreds for an infinite variety of applications that require fillers. Use it as main filling for bed pillow, throw pillow, bolster pillows, any pillows, dog bed, bean bag, couch, mattress, mattress topper, stuff toys, and many more. You can use it as extra filling to fluff up your existing bed pillow, throw pillow, dog bed, bean bag, etc. If sealed inside a washable bag, these shredded foams may be washed!

Bed Pillows:
Build a bed pillow that is customized to your needs. Using a properly designed pillow case, you choose the right amount that you need and create your perfect pillow. The more shredded latex you fill your pillow case, the firmer your pillow is. Using a zippered enclosure, you will be able to adjust the amount of latex filling at anytime according to your needs.

How Much Shredded Latex Do You Need?
Five pounds can make one pretty dense standard size bed pillow, three normal throw pillows, or one standard ottoman. Five pounds can generously fill a 21" x 25" x 4 bag;
Ten pounds should be enough to make a small bean bag chair.
Twenty-five pounds can make an adult bean bag.
Fifty pounds can make an extra large bean bag.

More Facts:
Finely shredded latex creates the smoothest possible surface. Depending on your project, choose your fabric: thicker shells hide lumps better. Note that the type of encasement material will affect the overall feel. Latex is heavier than most foam fillings.

No returns. No manufacturer's warranty.