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Pruducts for all your sleeping needs.We sell latex foam toppers,pillows,& mattresses from Latex International in all sizes & ILDs.
Mattress ToppersMattress ToppersShop our broad variety of high-quality mattress toppers to fix, enhance, and extend the useful life of your mattress. No one bed fits all, and if you loved your mattress before, that may have changed! Most come bare with optional covers.
Bed Frames and Bed LegsBed Frames and Bed LegsFor durability and comfort, it matters what supports your mattress. For your boxspring, we offer only the best steel bed frames in the industry, and the most popular alternative: Universal Bed Legs system. Bed PillowsBed PillowsBrowse our most complete selection of bed pillows that will improve the quality of your sleep. We have a latex or down and feather pillow for every sleep position whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, or combination of which. For tall and short people, for big and small our pillows have been proven to provide a deep and rejuvenating sleep. Zipper Covers or Mattress EncasementsZipper Covers or Mattress EncasementsOur zipper encasements are essential in building a custom mattress or topper using any components of your choice: latex foam, memory foam, polyurethane, or other materials. Our custom zippered encasements are made in USA under high quality standards and are offered in the widest range of sizes and styles to fit your tasteful needs. Upgrade the cover of your existing mattress.
Other Home TextilesOther Home TextilesProtect your mattresses and pillows with easy-on mattress protectors or totally encase them to protect you from bed bugs! Complete your craving for comfort with our luxurious bed sheets and high quality down blankets and comforters. Irregulars & Miscellaneous / Scrap Foam CutsIrregulars & Miscellaneous / Scrap Foam CutsFoam scraps, irregular latex foams, miscellaneous odd size foams. Great for mattress zoning projects, pet beds, seat cushions, etcetera. Dog Beds and Zippered Dog Bed CoversDog Beds and Zippered Dog Bed CoversHigh-quality latex and memory foam beds for large dogs and small dogs (and cats). Luxurious and durable, these dog beds are worth every penny spent. We also offer custom zipper covers for those prefer to build a bed or as replacement for an existing dog bed cover.
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