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Talalay Classic Low-Profile Latex Pillow (aka RejuveNite™ Renewal)
Talalay Classic Low-Profile Latex Pillow (aka RejuveNite™ Renewal)
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Talalay Classic Low-Profile Latex Pillow (aka RejuveNite™ Renewal)
With liner and zipper cover

Traditional classic pillow design. Low-profile Talalay latex pillow, choose between Plush and Medium
Comes with two protective covers: a permanent soft, white mesh-like fabric cover and a luxuriously soft white check velour zipper cover that can be removed and machine washed. The zipper cover enhances the overall comfortable feel of the Renewal Talalay latex pillow. Recommended for children and shorter people and those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs or backs. Packaged in a zippered plastic bag with handle for easy transport and storage. 

Smaller and plusher than the Restora pillow, this latex pillow is ideal for stomach and back sleepers. Note the difference in the thickness of the Queen and the King sizes. If you need the flattest and thinnest latex pillow, you may want to consider the King size.

Note: The RejuveNite™ Classic Renewal pillow is now called the Talalay Global Talalay Classic Low-Profile Latex Pillow
Available Sizes:
Queen: 24.8" x 16.1" x 6"
King: 31.5" x 15.7" x 5.2"

Size QUEEN (24.8" x 16.1" x 6"), KING (31.5" x 15.7" x 5.2")
Firmness PLUSH
Profile Low Profile
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Shipping Time 1 to 2 business days
Features Benefits
Unparalleled Comfort and Superior Support Allows for deep, restorative sleep
Uniquely and Naturally Healthy Eco friendly, perfect for allergy sufferers
Exceptional Durability Long lasting benefits...worth every penny
Cover Plush check velour, washable zippered outer cover plus sewn in fabric inner cover
Packaging Maroon/White color zippered vinyl bag with handle