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Classic Talatech® Latex Pillows ($78.99 & Up)
Classic Talalay Latex

Talatech® is the brand name of latex that is manufactured by Talalay Global (aka Latex International) using the world famous Talalay manufacturing process. Talalay Global has been known to make the Talalay latex that has the most uniform cell structure to provide you with a perfect balance of support and pressure relief. The Talatech® brand has the longest track record in the mattress industry and is widely known to be the most durable and most resilient. For the longest time, the Talatech® brand of latex has helped thousands and thousands consumers achieve a deep and restorative sleep. Our Classic Talatech® Pillow Collection is the first and original pillow These pillows are made with Classic Talatech® latex that is encased in luxuriously soft check velour fabric zipper cover. (Note that the original zipper case was of 100% cotton woven fabric. ) Our Classic Talatech® Pillow Collection has the most complete selection of size and firmness. This is the only collection that comes in Standard size.

Talatech® Classic Talalay Latex Foam Pillows with Zippered Cotton Cover

Talatech® Classic Talalay Latex Foam Pillows with Zippered Cotton Cover

Talatech® Classic Talalay Latex Foam Pillows with Zippered Cotton Cover
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Comes with a very soft washable zippered cover. Choose from Plush, Medium, & Firm in Standard, Queen, and King sizes. Remember that Standard sizes are half an inch thinner than the Queen and King sizes.

These are the original pillows that Latex International has been making for over 35 years. If you are looking to replace a pillow that you purchased more than 6 years ago, let us help you find out what you've got that we have!

Size STANDARD (24" L x 16" W x 6.5" H), QUEEN (27.5" L x 15.7" W x 7" H), KING (33" L x 15.7" W x 7" H)
Profile Low Profile (Standard Size only); High Profile (Queen & King size only)
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 years
Money-Back Guarantee 30 days
Shipping Time 1 to 2 business days
Features Benefits
Unparalleled Comfort and Superior Support Allows for deep, restorative sleep
Uniquely and Naturally Healthy Eco friendly, perfect for allergy sufferers
Exceptional Durability Long lasting benefits...worth every penny
Cover 100% cotton zippered white fabric cover

Why buy our pillow?
Here are just a few reasons:

  • We have the perfect pillow for you.
    With our excellent, and probably the widest, selection of latex pillows, we can almost guarantee that you will find your perfect sleeping pillow. We carry the following Latex International brands of pillows: 
    Classic TalaTech®, Rejuvenite™, and Pure Latex Bliss. Effective on 12/01/13, in an effort to serve our customers better, we will record the exact individual weights of all of our pillows so that we would have a good basis to help you if in case the last pillow you tried did not work perfectly. Within the same brand and type of pillow, note that there is an acceptable variation of firmness (and weight) and because we would know exactly what we sent you, we can definitely help you with your next choice of pillow.
  • No worries-it is guaranteed safe to your health.
    All of our latex pillows are guaranteed to be non-toxic and safe to health even of infants. No toxic off-gassing. All of our latex pillows are Oeko-Tex 100 certified. Textile products bearing the Oeko-Tex 100 certification mark are:
    • Textiles that do not contain allergenic dye-stuffs and dye stuffs that form carcinogenic arylamines of the MAK-groups III A1 and III A2 (see the Oeko-Tex website for a list of chemicals included in these groups).
    • Textiles that had been tested for pesticides and chlorinated phenoles.
    • Textiles that have been tested for the release of heavy metals under artificial perspiration conditions.
    • Textiles free from formaldehyde or containing trace amounts significantly lower than the required legal limits.
    • Textiles with a skin friendly pH.
    • Textiles free from chloro-organic carriers.
    • Textiles for garments free from biologically active finishes.
  • Maximum pressure relief. Our Talalay latex pillows are soft yet supportive. You get the uplifting pressure relief and you do not ever feel bottoming out into a hard surface. Independent, scientific testing proves that our pillow Talalay latex pillows offer up to 97% more pressure relief than any other leading pillows, including memory foam pillows.
  • Your head and neck feel supported...always. Just like memory foam, our Talalay latex pillow gently conforms to your body contours. Unlike memory foam, our Talalay latex pillow responds instantly to changes in your sleep position so your head and your neck feel supported evrytime you move.
  • Stay cool. Our Talalay latex pillows have open-cell structure that makes them highly breathable and very cool sleeping surface. Our Taalay latex pillows are moisture and heat resistant.  
  • No allergies.  Our Talalay latex pillows are highly breathable and naturally resist bacteria, mold, or mildew.  Latex is anti-dust mite, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic.
  • Save money. Our Talalay latex pillows are highly resilient and exceptionally durable. These pillows will not bunch up, flatten, or sag and neither will they need fluffing.
  • Peace of mind. We are an authorized reseller. You are guaranteed to receive only premium quality and not second quality or knock off brand. All our Talalay latex pillows have a 5-year non-prorated manufacturer's warranty and a 30-day Money Back comfort guarantee.
  • Save the earth.  Our Talalay latex pillows are derived from the milk of tropical rubber trees. Rubber trees consume a great amount of carbon dioxide that would otherwise be polluting our environment. The Talalay manufacturing process by which the rubber tree milk is used to manufacture our Talalay latex pillows is a sustainable earth-friendly water based manufacturing process. Not only that... because  our Talalay latex pillows are extremely durable, you will only need a pillow (and maybe another one for travelling) for many, many years and therefore no wasteful manufacturing is necessary.
  • Feel proud. You are helping our economy by our e American made Talalay latex products. All of our Talalay latex pillows are made in the USA.

These are the original pillows that Latex International has been making for over 35 years. If you are looking to replace a pillow that you purchased more than 6 years ago, let us help you find out what you've got that we have!
Latex International Classic Talatech®
Manufactured by: Latex International
Model: Classic Talatech® Standard Plush or Standard Medium Pillow
Product ID: CP-TX
$70.00 New