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Straight from the heart customer testimonials... we're currently working very hard to earn yours!

Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

    1. Chad (Anthony, KS)
    2. T. A. (Georgetown, TX)
    3. Erin (Farwell, TX)
    4. Jill (New York, NY)
    5. Kandia (Somerville, MA)
    6. Gary H. (Columbia, SC)
    7. Megan D. (Indiana)
    8. Dan E. (Fort Lauderdale, CA)
    9. Eric S. (Pacheco, CA)
    10. Sarah (Chicago, IL)
    11. Lisa S. (Texas)
    12. Joanne J. Maryland
    13. Joanne J. Maryland
    14. Peter Karlsson
    15. Melissa (Gattikon, Switzerland)
    16. Peter G. (Berlin, Germany)
    17. A. K. (Palm Springs, CA)
    18. Stephen (Los Angeles)
    19. B. Peck (Westford, VT)
    20. The Real Princess and the Pea (Courtenay, Canada)
    21. I'm Back! (Todd from OR)
    22. A Really Sweet Lady (Wilmington, PA)
    23. Henry from Cumming, GA
    24. William from Dallas, TX.
    25. From UK With Love
    26. Sassy from Louisianna
    27. Ron F (Texas)
    28. SleepingWellinTustin (Tustin CA)
    29. Liz J (Central MA)
    30. Adrienne (Durham, NC)
    31. Dan and Linda (San Diego, CA)
    32. Timothy R. (Ozark, MO)
    33. Shan (Southfield, MI)
    34. M. (Charlotte, NC)
    35. C. W. (New York, NY)
    36. A. Frank (Davis CA)
    37. Terry T. (NYC)
    38. Jan P. (WA)
    39. Wanda H. (TX)
    40. J Redding (CA)
    41. P.T (CA)
    42. Kyle (NOT Anymore Sleepless in Seatlle)
    43. Todd (Oregon)
    44. A. H. (Nicaragua)
    45. Jo S. (Germany)
    46. Carl (Illinois)
    47. Aaron (Grants Pass, OR)
    48. Michael P. (Rockford, IL)
    49. Kathryn H (Tustin CA)
    50. J. Bryan (Manitoba, Canada)
    51. M. K. (Rhode Island)
    52. Katie K. (Addison, IL)
    53. Becky W. (Tupelo, MS)
    54. Becky W. (Tupelo, MS)
    55. Daniel  (Puchong Selangor, Malaysia)
    56. Glenn (Illinois)
    57. Janice (Minneapolis, MN)
    58. JoAnne & Jim W. (Surprise, AZ)
    59. Karen. (Laguna Niguel, CA)
    60. Kit R. (South Pasadena, CA)
    61. Michelle (Anchorage, AK)
    62. Stephanie (Chicago, IL)
    63. Suzanna (Pittsburgh, PA)
    64. E. Homsi (Murrieta, CA)
    65. Jeff T. (B.C Canada)
    66. Sandra M. (San Ramon, CA)
    67. Betty B. (Lake Elsinore, CA)
    68. Steve B. (Florida USA)
    69. Kathy M. (Franklin VA)
    70. D. Metoyer (Detroit, MI)
    71. C. Braun (Los Angeles, CA)
    72. Jessica T. (Maine)
    73. Mark T. (Sunnyvale, CA)
    74. L. Maine (Pen Argyl, PA)
    75. Rondaleen R. (Port Orchard, WA)
    76. Sonja Gettel (Glendora, CA  USA)
    77. Adonay Pichardo (Murrieta, California)
    78. F. Benzo (Dominican Republic)
    79. K. Riley (Hookset, NH)
    80. J.Park from CANADA
    81. E. Shimkus (La Luz, New Mexico)
    82.  Elizabeth (Wildomar, CA)
    83. Jennie R. (Marina, CA)
    84. C. Wesley (Payson, UT)
    85. Eugenie A. (Melbourne, FL)
    86. Elaine from New York
    87. Patsy B. (Las Vegas, NV)
    88. B. Levers (Esperance, NY)
    89. K. Mesirow (Seattle, WA)
    90. A. Caro (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)
    91. V. Borsi (Wollerau, Switzerland)
    92. A. Blodgett (Hemet, CA)
    93. P. Bartelloni (Palm Harbor, FL)
    94. E. R. (Washington)

    Chad (Anthony, KS)
    "I received my 6-inch 14 ILD mattress core and it's just what I wanted. I was looking for a replacement for my old mattress core (6"-16 ILD). I like the 14 ILD better. It is very soft. I use this core as a mattress topper. My old core lasted for about 12 years. I hope that in about twelve years I can still get another 14 ILD latex mattress from you. Thanks!"
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      Erin (Farwell,TX)
    "I purchased 2 foam pillows, and 2 twin mattresses with covers and waterproof pads from Sleep Like A Bear.  We have had them a little over a month now and like them very much. My children find the mattresses soft and comfortable. They arrived quickly, within a week of ordering. I called the company several times before placing an order to get information about the products and advice on varying levels of mattress firmness that might suit my children best. I was actually able to speak to the same person on the phone every the I called- and she remembered me! She also helped me find the perfect pillow for my height, weight, and preferred sleeping position.  The staff at Sleep Like A Bear a very friendly and helpful, even emailing me copies of oeko-tek 100 certificates. This is a rare company with excellent customer service!  Highly recommended."
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      T. A. (Georgetown,TX)
    "5" Sand Universal Bed Legs product worked out amazingly. Bed was too tall with a bed frame, and box spring too nice to get rid off. I looked out for choices and couldn't find one I was happy with. This bed legs transformed my mattress/box sping set into a very nice, perfect height, sturdy bed. Installation was not too difficult. I love the results."
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    Jill (New York, NY)
    "I ordered a custom-sized bamboo-cotton cover for a tatalay topper I recently bought. I am immensely pleased with the quality of the product, the workmanship to reduce it to size, and the ease in putting it on my topper. Thank you so much for doing the work in the time estimated and making me feel this was money well spent in extending the life of my topper. Your customer service, as well, was outstanding in cheerfully explaining the products on the phone and helping me choose what was best."
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    Kandia (Sommerville, MA)
    "Thank you for offering this at such a great price! I was able to make my almost five year old daughter a custom size (69x33x4") non toxic latex mattress for about $180 including materials to make the ticking! We are on a very limited budget, but I am also very health conscious. Once I learned about the dangers of flame retardant chemicals in conventional mattresses I knew I could never buy one again, especially for my kids. I will say that I will probably need to add a few more lbs of latex for this size mattress to fill it out some, but for as little as she weighs it is great for her :) she has truly been sleeping "like a bear" and she just loves her new bed!
    Technically speaking, you will not be sorry if you it this! Whether for couch cushions, pillows (I can't wait to find room in the budget to replace all of our pillows with this!) or even a mattress like I did :) this foam has zero chemical smell and the faintest slightly sweet smell when the bag is first opened. My daughter commented that it smelled good ;) and she LOVED playing with a few prices before we filled the mattress, an added bonus ;) it also shipped very quickly! I love that shipping is included in the price. What a deal!"

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    Gary H. (Columbia, SC)
    "Good morning,
    Hope all is well.
    I finally completed my bed project and installed it in the boat last evening and love it. Attached are a few initial pics.
    Once again, thank you so much for your tremendous assistance and knowledge and experience recommending the  covers for the latex foam.
    As you might can tell from the photos, the bed does have a few complex cuts and angles. 
    The bed is 6” Tallalay International latex and the covers  “as you know”  are the Bamboo Knit for mattress ticking and over that is the Cool Comfort protector.
    Your recommendation for the added quantity both in the 14” side on the Bamboo Knit and two kings for the Cool Comfort provided enough material for my upholstery shop to complete the task.
    As you can see from the photos, the Cool Comfort protector zips up just like the Bamboo. It’s a total incasement.
    I slept on it last night and did not use any sheets for the first night so I could feel the Cool Comfort and I must say, WOW! Does it feel great. I will however, put my sheets on this evening (maybe…)
    Thank you again for helping me with this unique project and I’m sure many of my boating friends at the marina will want to know where I purchased the covers and you can be assured that I will send them your way.
    Restful Sleeping Like a Bear :)

    Megan (Indiana)
    "Hello There! 
    I've owned my mattress from you for two years and it feels the same as the day I bought it! Comfortable, stable support. I struggle with a lot of back pain and having a Latex Topper mattress has been a huge help with that. 
    Also I made this video about how wonderful your mattress was. 
    Have a great day!"

    Dan E. (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
    "I'm a 6ft tall 200lb man. After 40 years of sleeping on spring and foam mattresses, and getting older and wiser, I realized I'm not getting the comfort and durability I imagine a great mattress should provide. In the last few years a good night's sleep became a something I longed for. More recently shoulder pain due to a sports injury made sleeping more difficult, and finding a good mattress became a priority. So I began researching mattresses online. I learned about mattress construction and why manufacturers cut corners and inflate prices, and why those very expensive mattresses are really not that good at all. I was also surprised to learn about harmful fire retardant chemicals that all manufacturers are mandated by the state to incorporate into their mattresses. Fortunately I found information about natural Latex mattresses and all their benefits and sleeplikeabear.com.

    The staff at sleeplikeabear.com were very helpful, I felt they earnestly wanted to help me make a good decision with the mattress purchase. I ended up with a %100 natural Latex 6" Dunlop mattress in medium firmness, a 3" 100% natural Latex Talalay mattress topper in 28 IFD firmness for a complete 9" thick mattress, and a bamboo cover. To make a long story short, this bed is heaven. I now love getting into my bed because I know I'm going to sleep.. well like a bear :-) The mattress is so soft with great give to take pressure away from the sore joints, but firm at the same time so I don't feel like I'm sinking into it. I wish I had made the decision to buy a Latex mattress 20 years ago, I will never buy another kind of mattress. I now recommend a Latex mattress to all my friends and family who will listen. It's just an all around healthier choice."

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    Eric S. (Pacheco, CA)
    "When I first heard bout the Cool Shield pillow protector I contact Evelyn & asked her if this product is everything it said it was. Evelyn who was very helpful in going over the alternatives that different pillow covers make, assured me that it was, so I decided to purchase one & give it a try. One of my concerns was if it's noisy to sleep on like many of the waterproof cases of old are.

    Well I have been sleeping on it for the past month, fitted on my Talatech Latex Foam Pillow & it sleeps just like it sound s; quietly & comfortably soft. Since then I have been buying this pillow protector for all our pillows, & haven't regretted a one of them. If you sleep hot, these really do feel a little bit cooler than the same pillow without it.

    It's safe to say I will be doing all my ordering through Evelyn for all her time & attention she has given to all our bedding needs, this being one of them. Sleeping on it is the best way to decide if you're thinking about it..".

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    Sarah (Chicago, IL)
    "Hi,-- just wanted to report back.  I don't know what the "softness" level of N1 is, that you found for me in my seamless queen one-inch topper, but it's perfect!  I had to sleep on it, of course, for 2 weeks to make sure.  It's wonderful -- like being on a cloud, without the sinking-into-hot-mud feeling (and unwelcome heat & noxious smell) of a memory foam topper.  It has the right amount of support/push-back/ bounce-back (love that latex foam), along with the right amount of softness, so you get an "A+", because I know it's a bit of guesswork, and I am so appreciative that you went the extra mile for me, of "translating" my qualitative descriptions of what I wanted!  You and Sleep Like a Bear are the best, and I'm impressed that even the size is better than what I've seen with other retailers -- the thing is large enough to actually come all the way to the edges of the mattress.  Sleep Like a Bear, and you, have been a top-class experience, and I recommend the site and the product without reservation.  Feel free to post this, as I tried, and could not make it work -- I am not tech-savvy at all."
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    Lisa S. (Texas)
    "I purchased a latex pillow right before Christmas, and Evelyn at Sleep Like a Bear was like an angel. She did everything she could to help me not only get the right pillow, but get the pillow before Christmas day. Due to Evelyn's tremendous knowledge of the products and superb customer service skills, I have just purchased another pillow from Sleep Like a Bear. And yes, Evelyn was there to help me once again. Sleep Like a Bear will continue to get my business due to the great people within the company. I couldn't of asked for a better experience. I must warn you, having a comfortable latex pillow will only make others try to steal your pillow. You'll be ordering some additional pillows before you know it. Thank you Sleep Like a Bear, you have truly been a blessing!!"
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    Joanne J. Maryland
    "I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new bamboo pillow case. Its hard to believe that it could have made the best pillow I ever had even better, but it did!
    Emma is still sleeping like a bear (cub), all comfy and cozy. As you can imagine, this has made her family very happy.
    I might want a bamboo mattress pad cover for her bed and mine.

    I tried many different pillows before I came across the Sleep Like a Bear website. With Evelyn's expert help, I now have the most wonderful pillow. It's their low profile Rejuvenite latex pillow. It soft, yet gives support, stays cool, and retains its shape without flattening out during the night. It came in a Celsion zippered cover, but Evelyn suggested I try their new bamboo zippered cover, and it actually made the best pillow ever, even better! I love it!"

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    Joanne J. Maryland
    "When I came across the Sleep Like A Bear website, I saw that they have a wide range of products. I had trouble sleeping and tried products by other companies that didn't work. What caught my interest at Sleep Like a Bear, among other things, was that their latex foam mattress toppers conform to your body while giving support, are free of harmful chemicals, and are cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and are made in the USA.

    I called and Evelyn was delightful to work with and very helpful. I placed an order for their one inch extra soft 14 ILD mattress topper, and I am amazed that an inch of soft foam can make such a huge difference in a good night's sleep! I then called about a pillow and with Evelyn's help, ordered a Rejuvenite low profile latex pillow, which I love.

    My bed is like a cloud. I then ordered a latex topper at the request of my 6-year-old granddaughter who has a very hard mattress. When it arrived, she said, Awesome! Wake me up next Saturday! And I agree."

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    Peter Karlsson (Sweden)
    "I'm a commercial photographer in Sweden since 14 years, and very, very picky about my sleep environment. I heard about the ChiliPad through the women's US track cycling success during the olympics, as sleep played a role in their recovery strategy. Since I live in Sweden and ChiliPad is a US product, I had to find a good vendor that shipped to my country, and found it in Sleep Like a Bear; quick, relevant and kind communication and fast, prompt deliveries despite the long distance  — perfect. After the first night with the ChiliPad, I was truly impressed and ordered a second identical set from Sleep Like a Bear, to use as a backup, for guests, and to experiment with as a blanket, in addition to the mattress use. The ChiliPad is really unique; much, much quieter than a regular air conditioner, and more effective in creating a perfect temperature during sleep. I'm a happy customer :-)"
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    Melissa (Gattikon, Switzerland)
    "I want to start by saying that I am probably the pickiest person in the world when it comes to pillows. I have spent thousands of dollars and YEARS trying to find the “right” one.  I am American but live abroad which makes it even more expensive (and challenging since European pillows tend to be so much smaller and flatter than American ones!!!).  When I came back to the States this past Christmas I made it my mission to try a new pillow each night until I found one that really worked for me. The closest I found were the Malouf Z latex pillows. I love the feel of a latex pillow and Malouf offered a lot of options (firm, plush, etc.).  The cases were divine but unfortunately the plush were just too plush and the firm were just firm (although they were close to being what I wanted so I was willing to make due!) . The thing that nagged at the back of my mind though was that they were made in China which did not sit right with me- especially given how expensive they were!

    As I was getting ready to come back to Switzerland I happened to find Sleep Like a Bear- more specifically Evelyn at Sleep Like a Bear. I explained my dilemma to her and she went above and beyond to help me.  I was thrilled to learn that Sleep like a Bear offered pillows in a medium plushness (which turned out to be PERFECT by the way) and also that all of their pillows are made in the USA.  Evelyn knew that I only had a two days left before I went back to Switzerland and did everything in her power to find me the right pillow (a big leap of faith over the phone!)  AND express ship it to me before I left. She called me several times and each time I felt like I was talking to an old friend. She was successful in getting it to me (literally on the day my plane was leaving) and it was simply perfect! She was spot on in her recommendation. AMAZING! I was so pleased with the experience that  when I got back to Switzerland I decided to order a pillow for my young son. This was a little more challenging /expensive because it was a direct shipment to Switzerland and given the customs fees/shipping costs, it actually is cheaper to keep a pillow that doesn’t work rather than to return it. Anyway Evelyn has continued to work with me and support me with my decision making process. She always follows up with me and checks in regularly and her recommendations are so accurate.  I have honestly never seen such fabulous customer service in my whole life and it makes me miss the US even more:).  I love this company and their products and Evelyn is a complete gem. I can not recommend Sleep Like a Bear enough! Simply WONDERFUL!!!
    Melissa (Switzerland)
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    Peter G. (Berlin, Germany)
    "After I bought a 10 inch talaley latex mattress I wished a bit less firmness especially for my shoulders. Evelyn from sleaplikeabear went through several discussions with me evaluating the right option for me to soften the mattress surface. I appreciated the variance sleaplikeabear could offer providing different toppers. To decide between one inch or two inch, 15 ild or 21 ild, we found the right talaley latex topper for me. The time and the professionalism Evelyn spent on my individual situation helped me to sleep now on the right firmness level I was looking for.

    Nachdem ich eine 10 inch Talaley Latexmatratze gekauft hatte, stellte ich fest, dass die Matratze im Schulterbereich etwas zu fest für mich war. Evelyn von sleaplikeabear nahm sich sehr viel Zeit, um die richtige Lösung zu finden, die Matratzenoberfläche weicher zu gestalten. Gut fand ich, dass sleaplikeabear eine große Auswahl an Talaley Latextoppern anbieten konnte. 1 inch oder 2 inch Stärke, 15 ild oder 21 ild Festigkeit, wir fanden den richtigen Topper für mich. Evelyn’s Zeit und Professionalität hat mir geholfen, dass ich jetzt auf dem Festigkeitsgrad schlafe, den ich für mich optimal finde.


    A.K. (Palm Springs, CA)
    "Great doing business with you!  Customer service is excellent. If one can afford it, this is the only way to go.  This mattress is fit for kings and queens -movie stars and the like. Memory foam & sleep number beds don't even come close to the quality and comfort....I've tried them all.

    I will stay in touch and I certainly will pass on your information to those that are interested."
    Stephen (Los Angeles, CA)
    "I recently bought a new car and within a few days I began experiencing back strain due to a slight curve in the seat that did not conform to my back. I tried adjusting the seat but I just couldn't get comfortable. I began searching the web for answers and eventually I found Sleep Like A Bear. They recommended that I look at the foam they offer in their irregular foam cuts section of their web site for options. I was thinking I would try their softest foam. But theysuggested a type of foam with a slight push-back quality. I gave the foam a try and it worked perfectly. I am so impressed by the fit in my seat. My back is relaxed and comfortable. I would highly recommend this foam to anyone who is experiencing back seat comfort problems in their car."
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    B. Peck (Westford, VT)
    "Testimonial: I wanted to write to tell you that after research on bed toppers and foam beds, and companies that sell them, I called "Sleep Like a Bear" and talked with E. I have had Lyme disease in the past and am sometimes extremely sensitive to pressure, and my current mattress ( although not old ) was just too firm for me. I purchased 2 latex toppers of different ILD ratings (with a Bamboo cotton cover) on E's advice, and received the packages last week. OMG - I haven't slept this well in months and I'm waking up without pain! Thank You Sleep like a Bear!!

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     The Real Princess and the Pea (Cortenay, Canada)
    "Okay, I admit it, one of my nicknames is Princess and the Pea because my bed has to be just right, especially now in the hot perimenopausal years. My too hard latex mattress (not purchased from Sleep Like a Bear) has given me grief for years but I stuck with it because it was so darned expensive. I tried everything I could to make it more comfortable. My topper experiments ended in an unsteady pile of a 3 inch wool mattress pad on top of another 3 inches of egg crate foam. I also had problems with overheating every night. I was about ready to toss the whole works and start over. 
    After some online research, I found Evelyn at Sleep Like a Bear. She patiently helped me explore options and I selected a latex topper combination of a 1 inch Celcion 15 ILD topper and a 1 inch Celcion 21 ILD topper above it. I've slept for two weeks with the combination of the toppers on my latex mattress and a silk duvet on top of me and I have been one happy bear! This bed is now my favorite ever. I sleep soundly in blissful comfort with no overheating or waking in the middle of the night tossing off covers. What a delight to sleep through the night! Thanks Evelyn and Sleep Like a Bear!
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    I am Back! (Todd from OR)
    "On a side, but still relevant to this attempt at a proper thank you, I want to say that I've gotten to know some of the ways of spirit in my life, and I can testify that things don't always go as the mind thinks they should.  It's obvious that you also know and understand this on some level as well.  For example, if one expects to be materially/ financially profitable, then one should give away as much as possible.  This makes no sense on the level of intellect alone, for shouldn't it be true that if one expects to be successful, materially, then one should save/ invest as much as possible?  However, the more I give the more I end up having, and others have noticed the objective truth of this in my life.  It's eerie at times, and that has been the undeniable paradigm in my life for at least ten years.  Now, I've come across a like minded individual who's blessing me disproportionate to a minor mistake in my order, and I can't help but feel unworthy!  However, let GOD be GOD.  All this to say that I feel this companies' heart is in the right place, seemingly focused in this lady who takes our orders.  This is business with a truly human touch, not "it's just business".  I would be very let down if she left.

    All tolled, I ended up not only with my original idea for my son's bed, but an additional idea from Evelyn which trumps my own, leaving me with extra latex, and at no extra cost!  Don't call Sleep Like A Bear to take advantage of this gracious and extremely helpful nature, call these people because this is the kind of company that literally deserves our support.  Their hearts are obviously warm and alive.  You won't be disappointed.....as well, there is no better selection of the types and differing densities of latex out there--not by a long shot.  They even pay your shipping!

    I have no idea when a future order will take place at this point, but I would definitely feel some real guilt if I didn't continue to give these folks my business.  They've more than earned it!

    Hope and blessings toward continuing success,
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    A Really Sweet Lady (New Wilmington, PA)
    "I've been trying to write to you since August, I guess, when E and I began communicating.  It's been a difficult time for me but what I want to say is very important.
    First, about E.  From a business standpoint, you must understand that SHE is responsible for my going ahead and making a purchase from your company. I'm sure most of your front line people are kind and thoughtful and knowledgeable, but she has got to be at the top of the list. She asked a few questions, and immediately understood my strange request and we really got to the nitty gritty. She took time to find a piece of Latex which would accommodate all my needs and more, and her offer to cut part of it and glue together- I can assure you that without that special care I would have been to afraid to order.  And her whole personality - liveliness, intelligence,concern for my comfort, sense of humor and respect - was exactly perfect for me. She has even followed up not only about the product but also about how I'm doing otherwise. I'm in a strange time and in a strange land, and she - and my new "bed" - has  been a real godsend to me.
    I hope you will see to it that a copy of this is put into her personnel file.
    I am extremely happy with what I bought - an excellent price, too.  I only wish this had happened at least 3 years ago! The piece they made fits the chair terrifically, and the addition of the "mattress cover" was so important - had E not brought it up I would never have thought of it. The extra large piece is still in the original box, in case I decide to try another inch.  And the foam is the right type - it doesn't make me hot, which is amazing given we are talking chair, not flat bed!
    The other piece I will make (wish had already) into little pillows to use in other chairs, and small neck supports or back pillows.
    This thing is so important I feel the foam should be in my will.
    Which brings me to a point I'd like to make.  As America ages, more and more people will, or should, be buying lift chairs. Mine are top of the line Lazy Boys, one having been my husband's, which I use in the den, and another one I bought after moving here, since manipulating a bed is practically impossible (even and especially hospital beds - and I was right. A recent stay in the hospital showed me that the mattress you made for me, which a friend brought there for me, is the only way I will ever again consent to being hospitalized. Not only because it evens out the texture and softens the hospital bed - but more importantly because it helps keep me from slipping down into horrible positions.  How I wish Lynn could have had this as he lay dieing! (ore is it dying?)
    Not everyone can afford this costly chair, (I couldn't have without the money he left me), but hopefully better lift chairs than are currently in health supply stores will be made cost effective and medicare approved. (the hospital at first refused to let me use my own mattress, but I won).
    Your company might want to begin marketing  mattresses for these chairs for people like me who have to sleep in them, or spend a lot of time in them. Perhaps going in with a chair company to provide a "package" deal. Certainly advertising (I found you with difficulty because I'm not good on the net, and because I was looking for "chair mattresses" first, but finding none with natural latex - well, it took me awhile) will be essential. Even TV - although that's not my bag anymore.

    Sorry this took so much time to read, but I'm nothing if not thorough, if I'm up to it.
    Thank you for your company and for E! And for being interested in talking with me.
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    Henry from Cumming, GA
    "Got my new pillow and it works great!  Thanks for the extra piece of latex, that really made a big difference."
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    William from Dallas, TX
    "I received my order this week and want to thank you for the prompt service and great quality. I purchased two of your Bamboo topper covers and the quality is top notch! The bamboo is soooooo soft to the touch and I am sure they will do nicely to protect the natural latex toppers they are encasing. Thanks again!"
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    From UK With Love
    I live in the UK, but ordered my mattress topper from the States because I couldn’t find a 100% Natural Talalay product in this country. I was a bit nervous about receiving such a costly item from overseas, because I was worried about a) the quality of the product; b) which tension to choose without trying it out; c) whether it would be straightforward to get it shipped here; and d) what the import duty would be. That’s a lot of worries! Especially as these items are not cheap!

    I needn’t have worried at all – I made my initial enquiries by phone (remembering that they are 7 hours behind over there!) and was answered quickly each time I rang. The member of the sales team who answered me could not have been more helpful. Evelyn spent a lot of time and attention making sure I was choosing exactly the right combination product for my needs. She was always really friendly and helpful (even though I did phone quite a few times with my various concerns!). She steered me successfully through to my final choice. There was a hiccup when the package got diverted to Ireland by mistake, but Evelyn contacted USPS straight away to instigate an enquiry, and it was soon on its way to me again. I felt that Evelyn genuinely cared as to whether we were happy and satisfied with the product.

    Luckily we really love our new mattress topper! My husband and I are now both sleeping like bears…….zzzzzz.

    Kindest regards"
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    Sassy from Louisianna
    "Just wanted to let you know that we received the piece of latex that was ordered and that it fits the kennel perfectly.  Sassy loves her new bed and she thanks you very much.
     I also thank you for all your help in figuring what would be the best fit for us.  The time you spent in helping us get the best product for the best price is greatly appreciated.
     I will most certainly consider asking for your help again when I have a new grandbaby on the way.  Thanks again,"
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    Ron F. (Texas)
    "The 2inch ILD 14 Latex that you recommended for me did indeed turn out to be perfect! It's been almost 2 years now and I love it and it has virtually healed my heel bursitis problem (I used to wake up many times a night with back of the heel pain, but this topper fixed that almost immediately). I absolutely love this topper, which I use on a very firm, old futon. The combination is fantastic--firm enough to be good for my back, but that springy, soft Latex top for my heels and for general comfort.

    My current recommendation (for anyone who will listen to me!) is to buy the firmest possible bed you think you can sleep on, and, after sleeping on it a few months, if it's too firm, buy a soft 2 inch Latex topper from SleepLikeABear.

    Hope all is well, and thank you enormously for your help 2 years ago!"
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    SleepingWell In Tustin (Tustin CA)
    "Dear ******,
    I’m very glad to reach you after so long.  What happened is that I started having back trouble completely unrelated to the topper.  I injured it in the garden actually, too much lifting.  It pre-occupied me for a very long time and I had to try sleeping in different ways, with and without the topper. I’m much better now.
    Im back using the topper and wouldn’t be without it! I sleep like a bear!  But you know what? it became hard on my hip,  because I have a very very firm mattress,
    100% cotton and custom made. The store said mostly Asian customers purchase this mattress, because of the firmness.  I’ve used this mattress for maybe 20 years, but recently got a new one and it became too firm for my body as I’m getting older.  I’m 68 now.  I developed bursitis on my right hip many years ago, so that’s what was sensitive to the firmness.  It comes and goes.  So I had to add a 1” egg crate foam to the top of the topper. It’s been that way for a long time. I really just love it. It’s heaven. I still have slight sensitivity in my right hip sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to make the bed any softer.   It gives me peace of mind to have this level of firmness. Thank you so much for your help. I learned I have to turn the topper and rotate it to keep it smooth and without curves in the surface. It’s so wonderful. Thank you again!
    I would never be without a topper on my firm mattress which is 100% cotton with no foam inside.  It makes it just perfect. If you buy a one-sided mattress with a built in topper, there’s no way to turn it frequently so you sleep on a different portion, except by rotating it and that wouldn’t be enough. If the quality of foam deteriorates, you have to buy a new mattress.  So I much prefer this arrangement, and being able to chose the firmness of the topper.  The quality of yours is very high and I’m confident
    it will last and last for many years.
    I don’t know if you can extract a testimony from this email and my previous ones, but I hope so.  Thank you so much for you patience in waiting for my reply.  I’ve been thinking of you all this time and your email has been in my in-box waiting for a response."
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    Liz J (Central MA)
    "A few days ago, I received a slab of 2" talalay latex from Sleeplikeabear. I needed this to line a so-called "deep-cushion" executive office recliner that I use 16 hours/day by the computer.  This latex slab is a 24-density remnant, cut from a custom order that Sleeplikeabear had recently made. There were no seams.

    I needed this latex slab because I am thin, light and built narrow, with no fat anywhere. I weigh 110 and am 5'4". I have Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, did have Lyme Disease which may not be gone, and probably now have Fifth Disease. In my office chair, every seam in the seat and back caused pain.  My sit-bones (ischium) and tailbone (coccyx) hurt all the time, and so did several vertabrae where they rested against seams in this chair. I had a pressure sore developing in one tender spot. I was never without pain, and I had pain in several places.

    Once I received this latex slab and tested it in my chair, the daily pain from sitting was instantly gone. I do not "bottom out" through this foam, and no longer feel pressure points where I am in contact with the chair. A special thank-you to******, who helped me select the correct type and density of latex to purchase. Sleeplikeabear cut this for me to the length I had requested. It was clean and new, neatly folded and packed in a plastic bag, and the shipping was reasonably fast.

    This would be good for people who are wheelchair-bound, or who have any kind of sit-bone pain, or who have pressure sores.

    The remaining cut piece of the same 24 ILD 2-inch talalay latex from Sleeplikeabear was 22" wide and about 32" long. Folded in half, this fits prefectly in a standard pillowcase. I can sleep with this more comforatbly than I can using the talalay pillow I purchased elsewhere, which is way thick fat for a small person like me. This piece (2" x2) supports my head very well without bending my neck to the side. I expect this to relieve the neck pain I sometimes have in the morning. I'll encase this in a liner, and I will tell my chiropractor about the latex slabs that Sleeplikeabear makes available."
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    Adrienne (Durham, NC)
    "After much research, I decided to order my 3” Rejuvenite talalay latex mattress topper from sleeplikeabear. There were other companies that offered the product for a few dollars less, but their customer service reviews were less than stellar.  I definitely made the right decision.

    I received the wrong order by mistake,and I had opened the box before reading the packing slip.  I was positive that I was in for a huge hassle. 

    I was relieved and delighted when the friendly customer service at sleeplikeabear addressed my problem immediately, and bent over backwards to ensure that I was caused as little inconvenience as possible.  A replacement topper was being sent out as we spoke.  I have had some unsavory experiences with internet customer service in the past, and I have to say that experience with sleeplikeabear was a refreshing change. 

    Both products were of fine quality.  I absolutely love my new Rejuvenite mattress topper.  I ordered the“plush” (19 ILD) to soften up a standard latex mattress I had purchased from Original Mattress Factory.  The mattress turned out to be firmer than expected, and because I am a side sleeper I was still waking up with aches and pains.  I have only used the topper a few times, but so far it has improved my sleep tremendously, and is asclose to “sleeping on a cloud” as I've come. 

    Sleeplikeabear truly values their customers!  I would heartily recommend them to anyone, and will surely purchase from this company again in the future."
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    Dan and Linda (San Diego, CA)
    "Dear Sleep*Like*A*Bear,

    There are no words to describe how EXCITED we are about our new pillows. For the first time in years my husband has finally had a good night rest (That is Priceless).   SleepLikeABear has gone above and beyond in helping us search for the right pillows that matched our specific needs. We are so impress on the services that was provide for us.  We will be telling all of our friends and family about your online store, and will be back shortly for a new bed topperJ

    Thank you again for all you have done, We are forever grateful!
    With Much Love and Respect
    Your # 1 Fan: Dan and Linda"
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    Timothy R. (Ozark, MO)
    "I ended up at the website because of the (very!) helpful guide to latex pillow firmness.  My own experiences with latex pillows made it abundantly clear that they could be wildly different in terms of latex density, so I searched the internet for a guide to latex pillow density.  That led me to SleepLikeABear---something I am thankful for!

    When I called, the salesperson spent a good amount of time with me, asking me questions about my body size, height, sleep patterns, typical sleep positions, and so on.  I felt a little guilty when I took the information I received and purchased a pillow for less money from one of the large online outlet-style websites.  Well, the pillow I received wasn’t like the one I thought I would get.  It felt significantly softer.  So, I called back to SleepLikeABear and ordered the same pillow.  I am not a pillow expert---so this is my own opinion, obviously---but the pillow I received from SleepLikeABear felt firmer and of better quality.  Any small amount of money I saved was NOT a bargain because of all the time, lost sleep, and irritation I’ve dealt with.

    I am so very thankful I found SleepLikeABear and it’s helpful, kind staff.  I suffer from a form of muscular dystrophy and deal with significant pain every day.  My bed and my pillows are tools in helping me manage that pain.  Thank you so very, very much for your help."
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    Shan (Southfield, MI)
    "I CAN tell you now that I've received the item and our noisy bed is finally quiet! My wife and I thank you VERY much!!!!! :-) Your 5 inch Universal bed legs completely fixed our squeaky bed!!! Should've bought these years ago!!!"
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    M. (Charlotte, NC)
    "I tried different kinds of mattress toppers for almost a year before finding Sleep Like A Bear.  I needed something to soften up my firm mattress but not be too soft.  Memory foam and polyurethane foam all compressed too much, and a cheap latex pad of unknown density from another vendor was too firm.  I've learned that latex is by far the best topper material for me because it holds its shape and support and doesn't compress.  Sleep Like A Bear is the only company I've found that offers anywhere near this selection of densities and thicknesses and different types of latex.  Best of all, they have wonderful customer service. Your Customer Service rep was incredibly helpful and friendly when I ordered some samples to start with and then placed two different topper orders.  It is rare to find such personalized and responsive service these days.  In addition, the toppers were of good quality and were labeled with the manufacturer's name and the density.  If you are looking for a place to get a latex topper of the specific density and thickness that you want, this is a great company to order from!"

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    C. W. (New York, NY)
    "I want to sincerely thank you for the great product and excellent service.  I have just received the seamless, 44 ILD, 3" Talatech topper today.  The entire experience of this purchase with your company exceeded my expectations.  You have kept me informed of order process and answered all my questions from day one when I ordered the foam samples.  If anyone has any reservations about doing business with your company, or is uncertain if the products you carry are of superior quality than your competitors, let me assure everyone that they cannot go wrong shopping at SleepLikeABear...

    Many Thanks!"
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    A. Frank (Davis CA)
    "Hello Sleep Like a Bear,

    I wanted to say how helpful all the staff (especially Evelyn) have been in helping me to sleep like a bear!

    Your very patient staff have worked with me to help me understand how natural latex foam can help me sleep better and feel better. 

    So thanks so much for your patience and professionalism in this process.  I really do appreciate it!"
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    Terry T. (NYC)
    "A year ago, I purchased a latex foam mattress from Ikea. When we tested it In the store, it iseemed to be moderately firm. It wasn't until my husband and I slept on it for a couple of months that we realized how very hard it was. My arthritic pains had intensified, particularly in my shoulders.

    Seeking to solve our problem, II went to a local mattress shop and purchased a  2-inch, 21-22 ILD  talalay. I  wanted something softer, but the salesman said it was a plush topper  and anything softer would fall apart.The improvement was minimal. I then remembered a mattress I had and no longer used, because my husband found it uncomfortable.  I removed from it a layer of latex about 3 inches thick. Since it was softer than the one I purchased, I figured it to be about 19 ILD. The additional layer made a very big difference.

    Still wanting to add something more,  I went on line and discovered SleepLikeAbear . I found exactly what I was looking for- a 14 ILD talalay. There I received guidance from ******, a very knowledgeable representative. Based upon our height and weight, she was confident a one-inch 14 ILD  would provide the additional softeness I needed.  She also reasurred me  that a one-inch 14 ILD would not fall apart. I was impressed that she did not try to sell me more than what she thought  necessary.
    The topper arrived and I was delighted. It was in perfect condition - soft as a cloud and did not appear fragile at all. We have been sleeping on it for several nights now.  The improvement is amazing.   Our comfort level has risen considerably and my shoulders are no longer sore each morning . All of this and only with the addition of a single inch !  Thank you ****** and SleepLikeABear . It has been a pleasure doing business with a company that really cares."
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    Jan P. (WA)
    "I wanted to try the Natural Talalay Latex Foam Low-Profile pillow to go with our purchase of a new Talalay Foam bed. I was ordering the King size when I called to ask a question before placing my order. The representative was very helpful and after asking me a variety of questions including how I normally sleep (mostly side, but trying to switch to back) and other things like narrow shoulders (yes) and length of neck (short) she suggested that the Queen would be better. She said the King size Low-Profile was about an inch less in height than the Queen but was mostly recommended for stomach sleepers. So, I ordered the Queen. When it arrived I knew from the start I would have a problem as it seemed too high. I persevered and tried it anyway…for four days…until a terrible neck ache made me stop using it. Because I liked the idea of the Talalay (no smell, a natural product from a renewable resource and no worry about allergies or dust mites as with a down pillow) I went ahead and ordered the King size. While King is definitely a lower profile than the Queen, it was still too much for me. I think it mostly stems from the fact that it is not “malleable.” The Talalay foam stays in the same shape - you can’t roll it around ‘to fit’ like you can a down pillow, for example. So, even though it’s not a high pillow, it put the back of my head up too high without giving the neck support I needed. So, I contacted them again. She suggested I try the 3 lbs of shredded Latex International latex foam and micro velour pillow protector to make a custom pillow to fit my needs until I could afford to try another type of pillow. The pillow protector is the best one I’ve ever seen…it’s waterproof and extremely plush. It’s taking me several tries to get the right amount of shredded foam in the case to get the pillow exactly right, but it is working great. The feel of the shredded latex is more like the feel of a down pillow, in that you can squish it around to get just the right support where you need it. It’s the best so far."

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    Wanda H. (TX)
    "I am SO impressed with you and your company. And trust me ... I am not easily impressed!! I had done enough research by the time we talked (and I had been disappointed in aspects of how a few other companies appear to handle business) that I could tell I found a quality company. It also was obvious I found a very smart, caring and tenacious person with whom to place my order. Your questions and concerns made it obvious you want to find the absolute best product for the situation. THANK YOU!! That makes happy customers.

    SO DOES YOUR PACKAGING!! Wow. I don't want ANY kind of bugs crawling into a box of mattress material on a delivery truck (or in my driveway, either). Every box seam was sealed tight. And I noted you use heavier boxes than I usually see.

    The detailed email is appreciated, too. My adjustable beds arrive early -- tomorrow evening. After trying out the pillows, we can't wait to sleep on your latex mattresses.
    (You do know your stuff -- the first, softer pillow I ordered does not work great for side sleeping. Just like you said! But we love it for other sleep positions.)

    Whether the covers are here or not will not be a problem. I have good zippered allergy encasements washed and ready to go. And the zippers as you usually do them is FINE. They look so heavy duty, I am not concerned.

    Thanks, too, for your concern and attention. Our troubles are not any worse, at least!! And you've made one aspect of our revamping SO MUCH MORE PLEASANT AND EASY that it might otherwise have been. I know how disappointing shopping and purchasing can be for anyone these days, despite best efforts to find quality. You took a big task and worry off my plate."
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    J. Redding (CA)
    "I am very fussy about my pillows. I'm a side sleeper and have neck problems. I have tried dozens of pillows, memory foam, down, fiberfill, buckwheat, you name it. Sometimes they start out okay but then flatten out or get uncomfortable in some way. I also like to wash them and if you've ever washed a regular pillow then you know it's never the same afterwards. I decided I would make my own pillows. I wanted to be able to adjust the fill of the pillow as needed and to be able to "scrunch" the stuff inside where I wanted it to be, like under my neck for support, etc. I tried the shredded memory foam first. One problem with memory foam is that you can't wash it. It tends to keep flattening out under your head after you get comfortable, requiring adjusting it again and it also sleeps warm. It also had a smell.
    I then discovered the joy of latex! I bought a 5 lb bag of shredded latex from Sleep Like a Bear and used that instead. What a difference! It sleeps cool, I can scrunch it, and best yet, I can wash it! I bought quilted pillow protectors and filled them with the shredded latex. I can add more latex or take some out to adjust my comfort level. Fantastic! I was able to make 2 standard pillows. They are very comfortable and I couldn't be happier."

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      P. T. (CA)
      "I must be the pickiest customer ever. I came to your store after getting violently ill on memory foam. (I was so sick I ended up with massive nausea and migraines, unable to move, eat or drink, after several days of sleeping on it.) So I was pretty cautious about the talaly. Well, it took a few days to recuperate from the memory foam, but being on talalay has been like coming home to a cloud for a bed… only better. I have lots of health “issues” and of course, the talaly hasn’t solved all of them, but as I have progressively healed myself the talalay has just gotten better and better!

      Everyone remarks on how amazing it is. I have never had a reactive moment on it. Far from it. My bed is my perfect refuge. I am so thrilled to have this foam. Given my fibromyalgia-like symptoms, I use the 1 inch 14 topper on top of another topper of latex (as you know) and have put 1 inch 14 and 1 inch 19  travel size toppers elsewhere. I can’t get enough of them. I have turned my whole house into a paradise and even travel to paradise. Thanks for making talalay available. Oh yes… and for all your help in sorting all this out by informing me what is the best kind of foam for my specific needs. Believe it or not, they have varied, depending on the surface I am trying to cover.

      Your store is the real deal when it comes to helping people meet real needs with real service. You stand by your products and think things through. I am so happy to do business with you time and time again. Thanks! Blissfully sleeping, lounging, and entertaining, PT"
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      Kyle S (NOT Anymore Sleepless in Seattle)
      "Even three years later my topper and pillow are resilient, and just as comfortable as the day I got them. The topper makes sleeping on a 20+ year old bed tolerable (now in the guest room). I've recommended these products to all my friends over the years. I even bought a similar product in a department store, but the quality was severely lacking in comparison.."

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      Todd (Oregon)
      "I hope the following helps clear the air for some who tend to idealize material things (I know I do, but am ALWAYS let down) before purchasing and seeing reality.  My target is those who have lower back problems, and ideally, those who also sleep on their stomachs like me.  "Like sleeping on a cloud" is a relatively popular statement made in the advertising of this industry.  I've personally stopped seeking after that, but am not at all disillusioned.  Be patient, and read the following.  You'll see that genuine comfort is actually achievable for us hardcases, but heaven on earth? Probably not.

      I am a stomach sleeper with a long torso, and began to incur problems with standard mattresses when I reached my full stature and began to work hard for a living.  My experience with latex began with ideas put forth by Tempur Pedic.  I soon realized, though, that what you're paying for is an extensive national advertising campaign along with the actual sub-par product.   I mean no offense to those who swear by it, and I personally know people that do.  If you sleep better, great!  That the quality of materials is not worth what you're paying is inarguable, however.  A further look into these materials placed me on the slippery slope into memory foam and then on into latex, which Tempur Pedic doesn't even use in their sleep system.  So began my research.  I found retail prices to be extreme and somewhat unjustified, at least for the way I look at the world.  This took me to companies selling raw latex, apart from a completed mattress--the wholesale aspect of this industry, if you will.  These companies advertise in a different way.  They highlight the differences between Dunlop an Talalay, the two processes by which latex is manufactured into cores and toppers.  I went with Talalay, and purchased those two basic pieces--topper and core.  I bought a three inch memory foam topper and what turned out to be a way-too-firm core (45ILD).  I learned about pressure points first hand with that initial experience!  What to do?  Since sending my initial failure back was cost prohibitive, I simply bought more latex, and didn't stop until I had achieved the experience everyone was talking about.  Guess how thick it ended up being?  I had a 22 inch pile of latex when all was said and done--my eccentric sleep system.  Heh, heh, did I mention the two-inch wool topper that went on top of the topper!  This, I lived with happily for about ten years, although I got rid of that memory foam early on.  I found out, when discussing with a proffessional, that I am not heavy enough or hot enough to make it work as it was designed.  My thought, though, after using both extensively, was that it offers nowhere near what latex does.  It may have it's place, but not next to my skin, as a first layer, which kind of defeats the point of it beyond regular foams, which cost much less.  

      In the last six years, I have begun my family.  During a separation in our relationship, my spouse came in need of a new bed.  She decided, with much experimentation, on a futon.  However, it was not ideal, just better than other mattresses she tried, regardless of cost.  Her back is more messed up than mine through several car accidents.  How she ended up sleeping best on a futon mattress is a mystery to me--goes toward my ultimate point of writing out all of this for everyone.  Wanting to save money, as well as time, I began to think about digging into my bed for pieces that would serve as a topper, knowing this to be what was most likely needed.  I thought I could still retain the comfort I had come to rely upon, but my oh my, was I wrong.  This began a fiasco that I'll most likely never forget.  Through the onset of fatigue, as well the accumulative back pain, in attempt to get back something workable with my own bed, as well the seemingly never ending process of trial and error, I discovered that beds don't follow a line of logic.  They do, but our understanding is limited, because our unique bodies are so integrally involved, and have different needs which can change suddenly and without notice.  This insight came upon me when I gave up and bought her a 22ILD Talalay topper, then attempted to simply put my bed back together as it was, in order to gain back that level of comfort I took for granted.  However, my body was tweaked, and my needs changed.  The long torso that I inherited, along with its propensity for back problems, must have stretched, because my pelvis sank into the bed more, and thus the onset of pain--pain like I was coming unbolted in my lower back and pelvis.  So frustrating, but at least we found a solution for my spouse, in the way of the cotton/ foam futon mattress with the two inch 22ILD latex topper.  I should mention that this worked fairly well for me as well, still don't understand exactly why, but $2000 worth of latex that I already owned kept me trying to get something workable back for myself with what I had.  I finally did,.....but my spouse and I then reconciled, and we began to live together again.

      I thought we had a fiasco before.  No, it was just beginning and now was ramping up to full swing with the new list of needs to accommodate everyone properly.  I have two small children.  Out went her cotton futon in favor of my newly arrived at sleep system, which worked for me, but did not work so well for her.  I actually thought it close enough to the futon/ latex topper that she was used to, and that it would be better.  Our two small children are accustomed to sleeping with us, as my meager means just can't pay for that three bedroom house we all dream of.  But we planned to have our four year old son start sleeping up above us in a loft (glorified bunk bed) that I had just built to situate this family of four in one room.  He was open to it, but in reality, no-go.  He woke with night terrors and screamed to sleep with mommy, which in turn ejected me.  He likes to sleep right next to one of us and puts his feet under us as well--madness.  My work requires that I rest, as it is true labor, so I moved me and my bed to the loft which had two twin size cotton futons in King size configuration, with a queen size latex topper.  These went down to the bottom, and out went the queen size topper, in favor of a king size which would cover both futons.  Sleeping up top with an 18 inch mattress put me too close to the ceiling.  Out went this bed as well, and this is where it all began to get nightmarish with fear of the unkown--like what the final solution would end up costing, and the pain I would endure before finding it.

      Now we've come to the place where I met a representative at Sleep Like a Bear.  My aim was to put together a bed accomplishing the same level of comfort and support, but in a much lower profile.  Now that I had learned so much, I thought I knew what I was doing, and so wasn't too afraid of repeating the mistakes of the past.  The first thing I noticed, upon a thorough investigation of their website, was that Talalay has been improved--twice.  There was now Talatech and Celsion.  The prices were not what I was willing to pay, although they are competitive, and in no way elevated unfairly like the retail websites.  I eventually came upon the section which lit me up--the miscellaneous scraps section.  This was in lieu of buying a three inch zoned topper from another company, at a closeout cost, which needed something of a 'core' to keep it from bottoming out.  This is where those scraps came in.  They had a queen size 44ILD with a 44ILD strip just big enough to form the king size I was after.  This was to be at the bottom, and sandwiched between the 3 inch zoned topper and this was about five other one inch thick strips of various ILDs that I placed via a line of logic similar to how the zoned topper was produced.

      This bed, in this configuration, was a very pleasant surprise--no problems!  But then, about a month later, a minor ache in my lower back began to develop.  After several nights, I had to conclude that it was the bed.  Saddened, but knowing no other way out than to jump into the drama yet again, I simply surrendered myself to it--no problem, reconfigure! Even a slight tweak can alleviate a mounting problem.  This I did, and all is well.  The pictures tell the full story of how it all comes together, so I won't add even more words to this testimonial.  I will say that the representative at Sleep Like a Bear, was so friendly and helpful during these purchases.  She was suggestive, and offered as many options as she could, even several not listed on the website.  Not once did she try and tell me what to do, though she was a little skeptical about my particular plan.  If you encounter someone acting like what this representative is surely NOT--someone acting like a know-it-all/ saviour--run away, unless it is just a very simple point they are trying to make.  You have a saleman looking to his commission rather than your comfort (like in the car industry), in other words.

      Now the other part of the story.  When I had said up above, "out went.....", well I gave my original bed to the friend/ nanny we live with who has been suffering in silence with her back for years.  Christmas in April, so to speak.  How synchronistic with her recently broken ankle, I can't help but notice, and am thankful for.  I might have sold that bed, instead of giving it, if it wasn't that inspired thought (GOD) that prompted me.  I digress, on with the story.... Buying all those 'scraps' gave me ideas.  I have a futon couch inside a small cabin on our property that has never felt right.  And now that my family is back, I use that cabin every day.  I tried some of the latex from the original bed, but could not get it to the point of true comfort.  In speaking with the representative at SLAB (Sleep Like a Bear), she brought to my attention other pieces that she knew were being returned or other scraps not yet listed.  More synchronicity!  By the way, the 'scraps' department of their online store was just implemented a couple of weeks prior to my purchases.  Those pieces that I needed were waiting for me!  Anyway, I bought two, two inch, queen size, 19ILD pieces.  After several different configurations, I finally arrived.  It's almost as good as my heirloom leather couch that a close friend made the mistake of selling me--a couch I consider a reference point for sit-down comfort.  Makes the point that everything these days is more for show--they've known how to make things right for many years, I think.  If I had to make the futon couch and this leather one equal, I would order two more inches of that 19ILD.  Ah! can't justify the cost as I'm not in pain anymore.

      In all these words, my point for writing is truly simple.  Beds don't follow a line of logic that is immediately obvious.  Don't even try to wrap your brain around it all.  You'll be in tears before being forced to give up.  Just go with your intuition--your heart--on what to try next.  Start there, and then see if it couples with what you find out in your inquiries and research.  If the two agree, then go for it--buy it!  This was written mostly for those who will try for a zoned bed like I put together, and even for a multi-layered bed like I originally had.  The best solution may not make any sense at all on the level of intellect.  Remember that minor tweak that I performed after the initial month of this new bed?  I switched the 45ILD layer to the middle and put a slightly denser strip in a different place.  I can only kind of understand why this has worked to solve the problem with the way I originally had it.  After dealing with pain, who cares! It works!  For those who could virtually sleep on anything, I was once like you.  Enjoy it while you can.....but don't take that back for granted.  It will only take so much, then never the same again.  No, unfortunately, I'm going to have to cope with this for the rest of my life.  At least I can get a good nights sleep on a truly comfortable bed though.  Thanks for being there, Sleep Like a Bear!

      One last: I chose to be rather vague on exactly what I have purchased, as well how it was implemented, for a reason.  At this point, I would not dare to give specific advice on exactly what to do in individual situations.  I would probably lead you astray.  What works so well for me, may facillitate the worst of nightmares for someone else.  I'll remind you that I tried to help my spouse once.  Maybe I should have given more detail into what a failure that was, till we finally arrived at the solution--a solution making no sense. (a relatively cheap cotton futon out of all the things we tried!).  And It went on for weeks.  I can only state where I've been and what I did about it.  The rest is up to you.  Alot of words and digressing, I know, but hopefully this helps.  Now, don't lose that hope.  You'll find your solution."
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      A. H. (Nicaragua)
      ""The toppers finally made it to Nicaragua, but only after our friend in Beaumont  tracked down the UPS truck in a shopping center parking lot and then having Continental "lose" it for a few days. Those adventures aside, we are very pleased with the comfort the toppers have provided for the first week we have had them. Thanks for your efforts not only in helping me to decide what product to buy but also in assisting us with UPS. We'll certainly recommend SLAB to those we come across looking for bed solutions.

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      Jo S. (Germany)
      "We received our products last night and let them "air out" for two hours before we fitted them into our mattress cover. We had a very restful night's sleep using these mattress toppers and the only issue is the pillow you had sent for me (Joe - the RejuveNite Natural High-Profile), unfortunately it was way too high of a profile and way too hard for me to use as a head pillow.

      We really appreciated your wonderful customer service. You were very prompt and extremely helpful in selecting the right products. You are a great credit to your organization, and we are very happy with our purchase.

      Very respectfully,"

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      Carl (Illinois)
      "It's been a while since I last contacted you. I made my own latex mattress. It originally ordered 2 Talatech toppers: 3" of 36 ild and 3" of 32 ild. I tried to get by with these two. But, they were too firm. So I added a  Celsion topper:  2" of 27, and eventually another Celsion topper: 2" of 21 ild. The 21 ild wound up being the perfect top layer for me. It gives great support and I have no back pain. I also like the temperature regulating feature of the Celsion. It's not magic, but it does help.I had to do it over again, I'd buy 3" of 32 ild Talatech, 3" of 28 or 24 ild Talatech, and 2" of Celsion 21 ild.

      I also bought the velour mattress / pillow protector. It is perfect. I am happy with everything!

      Latex is much better than any spring mattress I've ever owned! It wound up costing less than a department store bed that only contained 30% latex. Also, I can flip and rotate mine if I choose to.

      I cut down the samples you sent me + have been giving them to family and friends along with your business cards.
      The reasons I ordered from you are: 1) You had no complaints with the Better Business Bureau. 2) There were no negative reviews about your company online. 3) Great prices! 4) Your customer service team was very patient when answering my questions. 5) Your site made it easy to understand exactly what I was ordering.

      Thanks for everything,

      Carl, Illinois"

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      Aaron (Grants Pass OR)
      "Just wanted to let EVERYONE know that my wife and I were having very bad experience with other business out there selling cheap foam and latex and having to keep there products because they would stand behind there products sleep like a bear went the extra mile trying three different latex toppers until we found the right combination that worked for us and the pillow that Evelyn recommended was the best EVER!!!! we have tried tp, feathers, and latex pillows all were to wrong, but the low profile celsion was OMG the best softest pillow i have ever felt. and the latex is the best quality i have seen. i would highly recommend the products to anyone trying to better there mattress or pillow. thanks to SLAB we are now hibernating!!!!
      from Oregon USA"
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      Michael P. (Rockford, IL)
      "I am old now, but we played hard as kids. I was twice paralyzed, once the low back, once the neck. Only for a couple hours. I had two permanent back injuries on the job. I shoveled scrap metal into a furnace. For years I mostly slept in a recliner. I have tried literally every bed style ever made. I spent thousands of dollars in the process. The best I ever found, by far and wide, was a latex mattress for $2k. It degraded after only 2 years and was useless. It was cheap latex, I now have come to find. It was not the talalay latex, which is the highest quality, look it up on line. Now, with the topper from sleep like a bear, for the first time in 40 years, I can sleep through the night. Actually look forward to going to bed. Awaken every day with less pain. It has improved my health to a degree that astounds me. This latex is so supportive that you can get it soft enough to relieve the pressure points, but will support you so you don't sag in the middle, which we all know causes agony. From the product, to the shipping and especially customer service, sleep like a bear is a first class outfit. My customer service representative impressed me with her thorough knowledge of their entire product line, and her concern and ability to find out about me and what I needed to be comfortable. Her obvious experience in this gave me confidence. And talk about caring, her number one concern was that I get what I needed. She would even talk me out of a sale if she wasn't confident that she could recommend the perfect product for me. At first the bed seemed to soft, and i couldn't fall asleep. I didn't hurt at all, however, so I finally fell asleep. When I awoke it was like heaven, no pain. Refreshed. I feel younger again. It has never felt too soft again. I even smile at the bed when I walk by it during the day."
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      Kathryn H (Tustin CA)
      "The latex pad is PERFECT.  It's firm and wonderful.  I LOVE IT!!!
      Thank you so much.  It is an improvement over my old one which was softer and mushy in parts.  This one is consistently firm.  I'm sooooo happy with it.
      It's actually thicker than 2 inches on at least one edge, but it doesn't seem to matter.  Just thought I'd mention, so you know.
      Thanks on Thanksgiving,

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      J. Bryan (Manitoba, Canada)
      "Just thought I would let you know that my wife and I love the topper. It has greatly improved the comfort of our bed, which means better sleeps and a better day ahead. A 2”, 19 ILD was the perfect way to soften a too firm mattress."
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      M. K. (Rhode Island)

      Just a quick follow up on the lovely Bamboo/wool topper coverThe Natural Bamboo Quilted with 9 oz Natural Wool Mattress Topper Cover with 3-Side Zipper  that I purchase a while back.  I am still so very pleased with the cover.  I bought one that was 4 inches in depth, (Queen)  for the graduated layers of latex that I use.  Today, I decided to remove 2 inches of the latex for a more firm surface, due to minor back issues of late.  I was worried that the cover would fit poorly after removing the extra layers, but to my delight, it worked just fine.  The material is very stable, smooth  and conforming..like some kind of miracle construction....If someone is on the fence about purchasing this cover because they are unsure as  to whether they want say, 1 inch or 2 inches or 3, I would not hesitate to recommend getting an extra inch in depth for the cover,  as it still works most excellent: that is a 2 inch depth will work well on a 1 inch piece of latex, a 3 inch will work well on a 2 inch depth, etc.  I took out 2 inches of latex, and I still had a smooth enough fit to satisfy my picky standards."


      " Hello,I wanted to let you know that I received the cover today, safe and sound.  I have it on my latex topper, and it fit perfectly.  In reference to a conversation with one of your customer service personnel (I forgot her name), I wanted to assure you that I am happy with the position of the zipper and find it acceptable.  The cover is beautiful as she described, and a bonus feature of the cover is the VERY PLEASANT SMELL, oddly enough.  I like the fact that this cover helps to keep the topper in place, as it grips the surface of the mattress, and keeps it from moving...another bonus feature.  I was also not aware that the cover is wool both top and bottom, another bonus.  All in all, I am very pleased, and would recommend it to anyone.  I plan to purchase one next month for my husband's Queen bed, he will enjoy the nice dry, yet comfy surface feel."


      "Sleeping Like a Bear, I am sorry to be so picky, but I did go to a lot of trouble experimenting with less expensive custom covers to finally arrive at the right dimensions for my combination of very expensive but-can't-live-without talatech latex topper, and I am not giving up one iota of sleeping surface by cutting down the latex. My topper goes from edge to edge on my bed surface, there is not a 1 inch border around the edge, and I only use Cuddledown Sateen Sheets which are the only sheets made in the industry that actually fit a true 60 x 80.   I have drooling over your cover design for some time.  I have experimented with custom made topper covers to see where I actually want the zipper placement, and the exact dimensions for a good fit for the topper combination I have now, which is exactly perfect. I have purchased different topper covers and the sellers swear they are 60 x 80, but it is usually the case that the outside is 60 x 80, but the inside is 59 x79.  I don't believe that my latex is exactly square, which is to be expected, because it is seamed, and I think that would be an impossible expectation. Therefore, I recently had a relatively inexpensive (but well made) custom cover with the zipper in the middle and gave the custom dimensions 60 1/4 x 80 1/4 x 4 1/4  (their standards state that they can be accurate within 1/4 inch which was acceptable to me) and it fits exactly the way I want it to.  That was an experiment,(and won't go to waste, because I can use the cover on another bed) because what I really want is your Bamboo/Wool cover, but I wanted to be sure of the dimensions.  So that is my story, and why I am asking about custom dimensions.  If a custom cover in the BAMBOO-WOOL cover with the zipper around the middle, then I am ready to order. Regards, and thanks for listening,"

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      Katie K. (Addison, IL)
      "Where should I begin, without writing a novel, so I will describe my medical problems to enable anyone out there to compare what I have gone through to their ailments?  I have a herniated disc, L5S1, bulging discs between the shoulder blades, spinal stenosis, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and who knows what else.  One day, I was unable to get out of bed as my left leg could not bear any weight.  With medication, NSADs, cortisone injections, water therapy, and years later, I am able to walk but with great difficulty and pain.  Each morning, I found myself in more pain so I began my quest to improve my sleeping conditions.  I purchased Memory Foam toppers 2 inch, with 5-pound density that is about the firmest available, to no avail.  I sunk right into the toppers, having acquired 3 of them, making it difficult to turn in bed and still having pain while in bed but now I have a new problem, I get electric sensations down my left leg.  Every retail mattress store promotes foam or coiled mattresses and would NOT refund my money if the mattress made my problems worse.  Only Costco would refund my money so I decided to try their foam mattress.  It was great for my lower back but being too firm for my bulging discs, even with the toppers; my issues became worse and returned the mattress.  Finally, they offered a latex mattress from Latex International, which I purchased.  I have slept on it for over a month now but I still needed it a bit firmer so I found Sleep Like a Bear and ordered a ILD 44, 2-inch topper.  I find that the Latex topper supports my lower spine, but is a little too firm for my upper spine.  My first night on the topper, I did not have the severe pain that I have experience with other mattresses and toppers, the electric sensation seems to be less severe but my upper spine is acting up.  Too bad mattress companies do not zone the firmness of their product to support the body’s weight/spine soothing the medical issues that the human body endures.  While the ILD 44 is very firm, so far I am able to tolerate it on my upper back. The electric sensation is diminishing and I am even able to walk a bit more.  All I can say is, do not be afraid to spend the money on a latex topper, especially when the company is willing to refund your money.  After ordering the ILD 44 firmness, I was afraid to open the box because another retailer told me it was hard as a rock.  Maybe their product could be described in that manner but Sleep Like a Bear’s ILD 44; Latex International could not be described that way.  Unlike Memory Foam toppers, I sleep on top of my bed and not in it and awaken without the usual lower back pain.  Thank you Costco and Sleep Like a Bear and Evelyn who was very supportive and helpful!!  I am optimistically hopeful that my problems will not be exaggerated by my new sleeping accommodations."
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      Becky W. (Tupelo, MS)
      “ I had forgotten to tell you about one thing.  The Celsion is quite a bit cooler to me than the regular talalay.  I take 25 MG of Methotrexate weekly which is more than the recommended dose. This medication is standard for all people who have rhuematoid arthritis.  We take this no matter what other drugs that we may take.  This is chemotherapy.  It causes sweats, especially, in the large doses that I take.  Fibromyalgia also causes night sweats.  I don't have the hormonal hot flashes as I take a good dose of Estrogen.  I can't handle that many sweats.  The talalay was not hot to me, but I noticed when I got the Celsion one that it is really cool.  As far as the coolness, I would have been happy with the talalay if it had worked for me.  I did want to tell you that if a person has rhuematoid or is hot natured or has the night sweats for some reason, I believe that the Celsion is enough cooler for them to pay the extra for.  If they just can't swing the extra, the talalay will be fine.  I was very surprised that I noticed that the Celsion was so much cooler for me. I was just looking for comfort and was not concerned at all about the coolness.  The other toppers were fine and were not hot like the memory foam or other foams.  I didn't say in my testimonial which topper that I got because I thought that was the least important.  I am so sure that everyone is so different and is putting the toppers on all kinds of mattresses.  I just wanted you to know what I thought about the Celsion.  I am just so very happy with my topper.  As time goes by I appreciate it more and more. ”
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      Becky W. (Tupelo, MS)
      “ Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is so wonderful to have a nice soft bed to sleep in.  It is so wonderful to get to sleep all night long. Since we got our 3” topper we are going to bed earlier and still sleeping later.  It has been so many years that I have not woken at 3 or 4 AM with my hips and back and all of my skin just hurting so badly that I would have to dash out of bed.  I have fibromyalgia, rheumatoid, osteo, and scolioses.  Before I got my topper, we had just finished working hard with my darling furniture man that brought me out his 4 best mattresses to try.  We picked the best one, but I still could not sleeplong on it.  My husband was very unhappy as he was used to this fluffy springy one. I won’t call the brand, but the one that is so expensive, feels like heaven, and lasts about 3 months.  His side had not hammocked like mine.  But even before my side caved in, it was hurting me and making me sore.  I was leaving the bed before 4 AM.  The husband was just happily floating on his spongy springs.  So, you can see why he would not be happy with me for getting rid of his bed.  Soft beds kill my neck, shoulders, back, and hips. Hard beds hurt my skin, muscles, and bones and cause my arm and side to become numb.  Now, thanks so much to you that my husband is happy with his new cloud of springy fluff.  Believe it or not, I am sleeping like a bear.  You cannot imagine how  wonderful it is to get to sleep so comfortably and so long. Honestly, I would have been happy if the topper had just done half of what it has for me. I can’t believe that it is  possible that I could sleep so comfortably for so long.  I recommend your company to everyone who has a mattress problem.  It was hard to find the right topper for me and keep my husband happy at the same time.  I know that the mattress that one is putting the topper over has a lot to do with what would be needed.  Then, too, every person is different.  We got the 3inch Celsion Tri-zone.  Since most of my weight is in my hips and thighs, I believe that the Tri-zone really helped my situation. The Tri-zone gives me the extra support for my hips and lower back with plush softness for my neck, shoulders, arms, lower legs and feet.  My arm has not gone numb a single night since I got my topper.  Anyone that has a firm or extra-firm mattress needs one of your high quality cool laytex toppers.  I had tried every kind of topper before.  I went to sleep from exhaustion on a memory foam topper one night. I guess I was too tired and sleepy, nearly comatose, and I woke so sore and so nearly broken into. Yes, memory foam remembers.  If you have muscle, bone, or skin problems, you don’t want a topper remembering anything.  You want to be able to gently shift and wiggle in your sleep.  I think I do this. With my topper, I just can’t remember.   My Talatech topper remembers nothing, and I remember nothing.  I really really do sleep like a bear. Oh yes, and I have an extra sensitive nose.  I was concerned about the laytex smell when I first got my topper.  This smell went away totally after a few days.  I am happy that this laytex is USA and made of natural rubber.  I just can’t say enough.  Oh, yes, I am happy with the fit and look of the topper also. That, too, is important to me.  I thought the topper was kinda pricey, but now I really understand the cost and appreciate the value of everything involved.  Thank you for being so patient with me and for spending so much time with me. ”

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      Daniel  (Puchong Selangor, Malaysia)
       “ Residing in a country where you can easily see row & row of rubber trees but unfortunately we were never blessed with good locally manufactured latex bedding products. After trying out all of the latex brands available in my country I was still trouble with sore neck & minor back pain when I woke up every morning. However, God in His merciful grace must have been listening to my prayer & He sent, Evelyn from SleepLikeaBear, to answer & solve my misery & suffering. She recommended me the right pillows & latex topper and the result was fantastic. My sore neck & back pain have disappeared & I even bring along my “SleepLikeaBear” latex pillow everytime when I travel overseas for work or for leisure. My wife too is also addicted to this pillow since she decided to try sleeping on 1 a few months back. This will be my 3rd time purchasing SleepLikeaBear latex pillows to place them in my spare bedroom. Thank you very much Evelyn for turning my every night “nightmare” sleep into a “heavenly” sleep. May God continue to bless you & your company abundantly. Kind regards,Daniel(Malaysia)"

      Testimonial in Malay language (national language of Malaysia):

      Tinggal di negara di mana anda dapat dengan mudah melihat baris & definisi pokok getah tapi sayangnya kita tidak pernah diberkati dengan lateks secara tempatan dihasilkan baik seperai produk. Setelah mencuba semua tanda lateks sedia di negara saya masih kesulitan dengan leher sakit & sakit tulang belakang ketika aku bangun setiap pagi. Namun, Tuhan dalam kasih karunia belas kasih Nya pasti sudah mendengar doa saya dan Dia dihantar, Evelyn dari SleepLikeaBear, untuk menjawab & menyelesaikan kesengsaraan & penderitaan saya. Dia mengesyorkan saya bantal-bantal yang tepat & puncak lateks dan hasilnya sangat hebat. leher saya sakit & sakit tulang belakang hilang. Aku bahkan membawa "SleepLikeaBear" bantal lateks setiap saat melakukan perjalanan ke luar negeri untuk bekerja atau untuk berehat. Isteri saya juga kecanduan bantal ini sejak ia memutuskan untuk mencuba tidur di 1 bulan yang lalu. Ini akan menjadi waktu saya beli 3 SleepLikeaBear bantal lateks untuk menempatkan mereka di bilik tidur tetamu saya. Terima kasih banyak Evelyn untuk menukar malam saya setiap "mimpi buruk" tidur dalam tidur "surgawi". Semoga Tuhan terus memberkati anda & Syarikat anda berlimpah. Salam, Daniel (Malaysia)”
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      Glenn (Illinois)
      “ Dear SleepLikeaBear,It doesn't seem like its been 5 years since we ordered our set of talalay mattresses.  Before finding your products, we had gone through various mattresses and mattress toppers.  We had even tried a $3000 upper scale memory foam mattress, which started to dish and pocket after three years.  My wife had pain in her hips when sleeping on all of the other combinations we had tried over the years.  Ever since we started sleeping on your mattress solutions, everything has been wonderful.  These talalay mattresses look as good as the day we unwrapped them.I recently ordered a mattress topper for one of our college students who was having trouble sleeping.  Another problem solved.  The zippered cover and the water proof cover turned out to be a good investment for a topper in a dorm room.One recommendation to new customers: The sleep consultants can really help put together the best solution.  Go with their recommendation.

      Best Regards, ”
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      Janice (Minneapolis, MN)
      “ Here is my review. The customer service is outstanding at sleep like a bear.  E***** really took the time to understand my situation, and to make sure that I was getting the very best product possible.  I was nervous about buying a topper on-line (without even feeling it), but I am glad I did.   I don't think I could be any more pleased with the 2" 27 ILD Celsion. I no longer have back pain when I wake up in the morning, and I can really feel the difference; it is a lot cooler than the regular latex toppers..Thank you so much for all of your help.  I will defiantly shop here again. Janice ”
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      JoAnne & Jim W. (Surprise, AZ)
      “ We have purchased 4 of your Classic Restora pillows and they are the best pillow we have ever had. My sister ended up purchasing 2 and my granddaughter has asked that we get her one for the past year. We placed an order today to give our granddaughter her wish. I have had neck problems for years and haven't had one since sleeping on this type of pillow. Even though they have a 5-year warranty I have an extra pillow just in case you stop making this product. Please don't. We have had a lot of guests at our home and they have all told us what a good nights sleep they had during their visit. Thank you for making such a great product. ”
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      Karen. (Laguna Niguel, CA)
      “ I contacted Sleep Like A Bear because my Dux bed was no longer comfortable and I was waking up with backaches.  When I talked to Duxiana they recommended replacing my original Dux topper with a new Dux latex one at a cost of $1,500.  I looked at the many less expensive choices offered by Sleep Like A Bear, but did not know what to select. I called and recieved excellent help from E****n who helped me select the 2-inch Celsion Talalay Latex Foam Topper which cost much less than the Dux.  I love it.  No more backaches, and the bed feels just like new. E****n, thank you so much for all your help and for upgrading the topper cover to top and bottom terry cloth.  I will definitely shop with you again. ”
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      Kit R. (South Pasadena, CA)
      “ The Talatech classic latex pillow I received from SleepLikeABear.com was wonderful! I am mostly a back sleeper, and the soft latex gave me great support and feels nice. If you don't want too thick of a pillow, or hate having to re-fluff a down pillow all the time, this is the one for you. Also their customer service is excellent. I highly recommend them!”
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      Michelle (Anchorage, AK)
      “ I know there are many people who have a hard time sleeping due to various health conditions.. myself included.  I'd like to share my experience in hopes it will might someone dealing with similar issues.  I've got a low back injury (discs torn and bulging), MS with nerve pain and bursitis in my right hip.  I sleep solely on my left side.  Even sleeping on my left side.. I often have pain in both hips and nerve pain in my back causing me to wake during the night.  We bought a new bed in hopes it would help me sleep.  It's helped some but... it's still a little too firm in spots and I wake up in pain and struggle with pain all day.  I prefer a soft surface for nerve issues but need enough support for my back and hip.  I've tried (and wasted lots of money on) a variety of memory foam toppers, feather and fiberbed toppers, wool cuddle toppers, airmattress toppers and many different types of latex.  Before working with sleeplikeabear.. I didn't really understand the different types of latex and how the density and size of the topper works with your individual bed to provide the right level of comfort for your needs.

      I had been using a "one size fits all" approach and getting nowhere.  I worked with the sleeplikeabear staff to come up with a customized order of toppers for me to try based on my height, weight, body proportions, way I sleep and health conditions.  No one has EVER asked me any of those questions at a bedding store?  I tried a couple different thicknesses (1' and 2") and densities (19ILD and 24ILD)... each time trying with add-ons (memory foam, fiberbed topper) and without. We'd work on what did work and what didn't... getting me that much closer to a good solution. Finally....  a 1" 14 ILD has worked great for me!  It's just the softness I need but still allows me to have the support of my bed for my hips and back.  What a difference!!  I still add/remove pieces from time to time depending on how I'm feeling or how hot/cold it is but.. the latex topper is my unchanging piece!

      I'd like to also add that the customer service staff is very knowledgable and patient.  They answered my many questions and made me feel like I had my own personal sleeping consultant to help me figure out what would work best for me. They very generously allowed me to try a second topper when the first wasn't the right choice. There was no big hassle or feeling like I was stuck with something that wasn't comfortable for me. They genuinely want their customers to be happy.  The service and expertise they provide is invaluable.  I'm sleeping so much more comfortably now!!!  Thank you!!”
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      Stephanie (Chicago, IL)
      “ I have Fibromyalgia & had been experiencing weeks of excruciating pain before I found your company on Ebay, after initially contacting you about your pillows you have been extremely helpful & informative taking your time to explain the specifications & benefits of each type of pillow & helped me determine which pillow would be right for me...I also inquired about the mattress toppers & you suggested the Plush 19 ILD 2.8 topper.

      Since receiving the topper & Queen soft/plush zoned pillow my sleep has been vastly improved, I seem to sleep more soundly & wake up with little to no pain which is truly a blessing for me...I am so happy I found your company & would recommend your company with confidence to anyone who wishes to experience a good nights sleep!

      Thank you so much,”
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      Suzanna (Pittsburgh, PA)
      “ I am so glad that we got our latex mattress topper! Our regular mattress is pretty new and in good condition, but it is too hard for me—my hips and shoulders hurt every night. After looking into our options, I thought a latex pad would help. And it has! Since we’ve had the pad, we both sleep much better. Every time I get into bed I notice that it feels comfortable and cozy now, instead of hard and painful.

      I am also very happy with the service from sleaplikeabear.com. One reason I got our mattress pad from this company is that the representative who worked with me, Evelyn, was very knowledgeable and didn’t pressure me at all. Plus, she helped me figure out which thickness, density and type of latex would be good for both me and my husband, who was happy with our bed as it was. She also helped me figure out which cover would be best. We got the latex pad in just a couple of days, and could immediately tell that it was going to work for us (and in case we weren't happy with my choice, she made sure I knew about their return policy).

      Two more notes: the pad has a seam going down it, as do most American-made latex mattresses larger than twin size. I was a little worried about that, but we don’t feel it at all when we're lying on it. Also, it did have a new-latex smell when we got it, but after a few days that faded and went away.”
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      E. Homsi (Murrieta, CA)
      “ I wanted all to know the great service and awesome products I received from sleeplikeabear.com. My experience with this great co. was very pleasant. I love the way sleep like a bear help me build up my old 15 years mattress to a luxury 5 stars bed. I had major neck, back and arms & legs pain and nothing was helping. I went to the chiropractor and he told me that even though he adjusted my body, I would need a top of the line mattress to feel better, sleep better and enjoy my bed. I checked around and many products out there that promise to be the best didn’t do the trick. I was feeling awful and couldn’t sleep until I contacted sleep like a bear and I indeed slept like a bear or a baby should I say. I love the feeling when I lay on my beautiful bed, my pillows help support my neck and I no longer have pains anywhere. I also love the waterproof cover that protects my mattress. If you spill any liquid, the cover has a special liquids resistance that will protect my mattress. So I advise to all of you out there don’t spend thousands of dollars with companies that promise but won’t deliver the goods. Only sleep like a bear products will enter my home so I hope when you see my testimony you will try and enjoy sleeping like a bear products.

      Eu me chamo Evelyn Homsi vivo en Murrieta Califa gostarra de communicar con todos as pessos as que esta maravilhosa Empresa sleeplikeabear dormindo como um ursinho foi excellente comigo eles me montarao um coxao de houro, meu coxao estava me dando muita dor no corpo no pescoco nas pernas i eu tratei varias formas de alivio, foi nos doctors i eles me diceras que tenho que comprar um coxao orthopedic pra coluna, chamei varias empresas i ningueim me ejedou eu estava estressada i quase deixei de lago quando resolve chamar o sleep like a bear i foi excellente, maravilhoso tenho meu couxao ja a i ano e um alivio no corpo eu adorei o attendimento foi o’timo e’ so vou ter productos pra min cama desta empresa gente nao compre mais couxao baratos, compre productos sleep like a bear i voce vera como voce vai si sentir como um ursinho dormindo tranquilo. Amei tambien meus traviseiros e a capa protectoura dos couxoes esta capa protetora protégé a couxao de qualquer liquid gente chame sleep like a bear i voce vai sentir como um ursinho, chame sleeplikeabear.com.”back to top

      Jeff T. (B.C Canada)
      “Just wanted to say what a great experience I had with Sleep Like A Bear. The mattress topper is just what we needed to make our bed softer. The customer service is FANTASTIC. They shipped our purchase quickly and we received it within days.”back to top

      Sandra M. (San Ramon, CA)
      “ I love my new Vibrance pillow. I have slept on it for two nights now and could not be happier. I have been sleeping on memory foam contour pillows for about four years. I would have to replace them regularly because they seemed to lose their support after awhile. I would also need to turn them several times during the night because they caused me to perspire. I can already see that this natural foam pillow is superior. There is no turning because the pillow keeps me cool and stays supportive all night long. I had reservations about ordering a pillow online but you helped me choose just the right pillow and I really appreciate your great service and follow up in making sure that I am satisfied with my purchase. I would certainly recommend Sleep Like a Bear to anyone. What a great company.”
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      Betty B. (Lake Elsinore, CA)
      “ If a robber breaks into my house and tries to steal my plush zoned pillow I know that I will win. He cannot take my pillow away. I love my pillow-it is sooo comfortable! I can't sleep without it. I take it with me wherever I sleep. It is so plush and squishy that I can make it into anything I want. I use it when I sleep on my back, my side, or my stomach. I have owned it for several months now and it hasn't changed on me. This is MY pillow!”

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      Steve B. (Florida USA)
      “ I would like to thank Sleep Like a Bear for making a significant improvement in my sleep quality.  I had been searching for beds for quite some time, and finally found this great company.  The Sleep consultant was very patient in understanding my unique needs, and was able to make a recommendation on ILD firmness based on our lengthy sleep counseling session.  My Latex topper arrived within a week, and I have been sleeping like a bear ever since.  My shoulder pain (from sleeping on my side on a firm mattress), has been completely eliminated.  The bed I thought would have to be thrown out (after only a few years of use), has been rejuvenated, and now feels like the hotel beds I sleep in when traveling on business.  I would like to recommend Sleep Like a Bear to anyone frustrated with the current consumer trend of buying mattresses only to have impressions form in them in a short time.  These toppers will renew your satisfaction with your current bedding, and makes a huge difference in your comfort.  This is the way to go.  Don't succumb to the marketing hype of bedding manufacturers.  "Just top it off."”
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      Kathy M. (Franklin VA)
      "I have been in search of a firm latex pillow for a long time. This seller provided me prompt answers to my questions, I purchased it one afternoon and it was shipped that day. It came exactly as described and in fact of a higher qualilty than I anticipated. Do not hesitate to ask about the pillows because they know what they are talking about and their service is superb. I am more than satisfied with my purchase and service."
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      D. Metoyer (Detroit, MI)
      "Hallow,  Ms E__ aka Sleep-Like-A-Bear.com. First of all, I think customer service is very important, an this company has that to a tee, thank god because a lot of companies is very poor in that area. But not only do you have excellent customer service, but you're very  personable too, which make it even all the better to shop. A person doesn't mine spending there hard earned money with your company. All the wonderful things people(customers) had to say about you was phenomenal. I really like that! Anyway, enough about you hahaha!!! The pad is wonderful! I learned a lot from you. I haven't slept on it yet, but just be  me lying on it for that couple minutes told me I LOVE IT...& Sleep-Like-A-Bear.com   Thank You soooooooo much...DeAngelia Metoyer"
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      C. Braun (Los Angeles, CA)
      "It is important to trust a company you are dealing with, especially with something as crucial as your daily night’s sleep. I can honestly say that the people at sleeplikeabear.com have the best customer service of any company I have EVER worked with. It was difficult to find just the right match for both my partner and myself and one representative, in particular, was so helpful and patient as she went through all the options and taught me about the world of latex. The company dealt with me, a rather challenging customer, with integrity, honesty and kindness. It is hard to know who to trust on the internet, but you have stumbled upon a real gem with sleeplikeabear.com. I highly recommend doing business with this company."
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      Jessica T. (Maine)
      " I wanted to let you know our 3" plush topper arrived yesterday. I put it on the bed immediately, despite getting home at 11 and remade the bed. We slept on it, and unless something really unpredictable pops up about it, it appears we love the thing after only one night! My boyfriend was dubious about the purchase, and is now convinced that latex is luxurious! This is a substantial upgrade in our quality of life. We have been sleeping uncomfortably for months on a quality but rock-hard innerspring mattress that was given to us. For a fraction of the cost of a new mattress we have turned our rigid innerspring mattress into a luxury bed! We are affectionately calling it "the foamie".

      It is sooo soft and squishy, I keep just giving the bed little pokes every time I walk by. The bed feels like a soft but supportive womb. It appears thicker than 3". Also, I did not sleep too hot last night. I don't know if that is because it is so breathable or what, but it is a welcome change to not wake up because I am hot!

      I really appreciate all your great service and following up on my questions and the delivery to make sure it arrived before we left on vacation.


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      Mark T. (Sunnyvale, CA)
      "Thank you so much for the great help, advice, service, and especially patience to help me get the right topper for my mattress. I bought a good mattress a year ago -- it turned out to be too firm and was causing me a lot of shoulder and back soreness. I was not sleeping well and my back condition was being aggregated. I had already tried two other toppers -- one of memory foam (too hot) and one of 100% natural latex -- that was too firm and had a strange feeling sleeping on it. So, after a year of struggling I was at my wit\'s end!

      I found an on-line Forum that recommended Sleep-like-a-bear. Sleep-like-a-bear has the widest selection of topper choices – thickness/ILD. Also, the various people on-line were fairly sure that a 1” blended Latex (Talalay) would work. There was a wide range of opinions on firmness from 19 ILD to 28 ILD. I spoke several times with the specialist from Sleep-Like-a-Bear and we came to a decision for me to try a 1” 19 ILD. I liked the material but found that the topper was too soft. The specialist recommended that for my height, weight, and situation – a 28 ILD would probably be best. Also, she made arrangements for me to return my 19 ILD and they promptly provided a refund.

      Well, the 1” 28 ILD has been great!  -- It has provided just the right amount of softness to relieve the soreness in my back and shoulder. I really like the Talalay material – it feels very natural. I really cannot say enough good things about the service and topper products from Sleep-Like-a-Bear – I recommend them fully and enthusiastically!"

      Thanks so much!"
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      L. Maine (Pen Argyl, PA)
      “I will definitely refer people to your company!! Your customer service was like night to day from the other company I had just ordered pillows from. I was determined to get the right pillow after so many weeks of poor sleep. I credit you with the fact that you really went out of your way to try to understand why the pillows I received weren't working and in helping me to understand what the problem might have been. In this day and age precious few people are willing to give of their time and effort to help someone else. Thank you so much once again!”
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      Rondaleen R. (Port Orchard, WA)
      “The cheap bed I bought did not help me with my conditon "Sciatica" that I had been dealing with from a stairs fall last Dec.2006. I can only do so many visits to my Chiropractor and Physical therapist that help some but it kept coming back. Early this year, I found online and took a chance to invest in a 6" topper and bed legs for my bed. Not only that it helped me so much with my Sciatica problems (it's gone now) and it made my bed into a luxury bed. I now sleep very well and sleeps like a bear ( this is actually the site where I found my topper and bed legs:http://www.sleeplikeabear.com) That Talalay topper is something else! I can't trade my bed with anything.”
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      Sonja Gettel (Glendora, CA  USA)
      “Thank you for your great service and advice. We love the Talalay mattress topper and pillows! We have been using them for about a year now and they look as new as the day we received them. Just as you said, they retain their shape and comfort. These are the most comfortable pillows we have had, and we had tried Temperpedic and another Talalay pillow. The mattress topper is equally as comfy. We appreciated your guidance  selecting the thickness for the mattress topper, based on our sleep preferences and body shape/size. Your knowledge allowed us to get exactly what we needed. We have recommended Sleep Like A Bear to our friends and will look to you the next time we need anything.”
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      Adonay Pichardo (Murrieta, California)
      “Before the foam I used to fall asleep on my back and wake up in a pretzel all twisted and sore.
      Now, with my firm 3in foam, I wake up as I fell asleep. Which shows what they promised! A relaxed and fulfilling sleep!
      I ache a lot less and have plenty of more energy in the morning to get the day started.
      I am very happy with this purchase and would recommend it to anyone who has back problems or aches about their body.
      Antes de usar este producto, yo me acostaba en mi espalda y me levantaba todo torsio y doloroso.
      Ahora, con mi cama mas firme, yo me levanto con mas energia. Eso muestra lo que ellos me prometieron! Un relajante y energetico descanso.
      Mi cuerpo me duele menos y tengo mucho mas energia en la manana para empezar mi dia.
      Estoy muy contento con esta compra y yo lo recomiendo a qualquiera que tenga problemas de espalda y dolor en su cuerpo.”

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      F. Benzo (Dominican Republic)
      “Got my pillows and topper yesterday
      I cannot put into words how pleased Iam with my purchase
      I do not remember the name of the lady who contacted me over the phone (long Distance) Nicest person ever this was last friday , after I had placed my order and had second thoughts I emailed asking what I should have asked before placing the order , she called me and opened my eyes and cleared all doubts I had and reccomended what I needed based on my needs.
      SHE WAS A LIFE SAVER AND A WONDERFUL LADY, she really helped me in deciding what to get , reason why today IM A SUPER SATISFIED CUSTOMER.
      She helped me so much I went based on her advise and got 2 pillows with the toppers I had placed over the web.
      After nearly 3 weeks of reserch on the web for foam toppers and later latex talalay and 2 more before that in order to get the right mattress i fiinally came across you web site (took some time) using yahoo.
      other retailers/web sites dont have as many option in either thickness and or resilience, yours is the most complete one I have come accross , reason why I took my chances and purchased from you.
      i cannot wait until I get the other topper to put under the one I got yestarday
      Will highly reccomend you people and GIVE THIS LADY A RAISE

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      K. Riley (Hookset, NH)
      ”I love Sleep Like a Bear's products. I bought a 3" Latex topper for my hard mattress and now my bed is so comfortable - better than any mattress you'd have to pay hundreds of dollars more for. I sleep great all night and have no more backaches in the morning. Previously I owned a Sleep Number bed, and a Memory Foam topper for my mattress.  But my best sleep has been on Latex. I would never use anything else again. It is the greatest.
      I have also bought two Queen Size Firm Zoned Latex Pillows from Sleep Like a Bear. I absolutely love them, and plan on taking one of them with me when I go on vacation. I never want to be without it. I have had lots of problems with neck pain after being in three car accidents, and these pillows have given me total relief from the pain I used to experience every night.  Previously I had tried almost every kind of pillow on the market (Special pillows sold by chiropractors, memory foam pillows, cervical neck pillows, and even a water pillow) but none of them helped me like these have.
      Sleep Like a Bear was absolutely wonderful to do business with. When I didn't know what firmness of topper to purchase, they were so helpful and steered me in the right direction.  They went out of their way to make sure that I was absolutely satisfied with my purchase. AND I SURE WAS. They shipped the items right away and I didn't have to wait long before I was sleeping in total comfort. I would recommend Sleep Like a Bear's products to everyone.”

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      J.Park from CANADA
      "I purchased 3 inch and 6 inch latex mattress topper for my mom and my sister and they love the mattress so much!! Sometimes i intentionally sleeps on my sister's bed to try and feel the comfortness of my body! cuz it really feels so good and 100 times better than normal bed!! You can feel your body being relax and your back gets more straighten!  I really thank sleeplikeabear for helping me to choose and buy the best one with best price!! THank you!^^ 
      우연히 인터넷에서 라텍스 메트리스 파는대를 검색해보다 sleeplikeabear를 발견하였는데 일단 가격이 한국 백화점에서 사는것보다 저렴해서 6인치 라텍스메트리스 topper와 카버를 구입하였습니다. 정말 편안하고 허리가 펴지는 느낌! 누어보면정말 편안함을 느낄수 있었습니다!   매트리스 산 계기는 대학을앞둔 공부하는 동생에게 잠자리를 좀더 편안함을 주기위해서 구입했는데 정말 그후로 동생의 피곤이 줄었고 잠도 더 깊숙이 자는것을 느꼈습니다. 그리고 그후, 한국에 계시는 엄마에게도 2인치를 주문을 해드렸는데 정말 맘에 들어하셨고 편안하다며 좋아하셨습니다~  결재할때 많은 부담감이있었는데 안전하게 잘 배달되었구요 판매인도 친절하게 도와주어서 아무걱정없었습니다!
      J.Park from CANADA
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      E. Shimkus (La Luz, New Mexico)
      “Provided very helpful elaborate answers to questions and performed flawlessly.”
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      Elizabeth (Wildomar, CA)
      “I just wanted to write and let you know what a wonderful product you have.
      My husband received a gift pillow for his birthday, he loved it.  He got up before me one morning, so I thought I would try his pillow.  I fell back asleep and was amazed to find I had overslept by about an hour. I couldn't believe a pillow could make such a difference in a sound sleep. A sleep without tossing, turning and twisting my pillow as I try to get comfortable.  It made such a difference in my sleep that I had to have my own pillow, too.   I love it.
      Thank you,"

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      Jennie R. (Marina, CA)
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      C. Wesley (Payson, UT)
      “This is probably one of my best online buying experience so far...your Talalay mattress is great and well worth the money!!! I've suffered for many years from what I thought was some kind of back problem. 'Didn't know most of it was coming from my bed. Who would think so? We spent quite much on a high-end innerspring mattress with a thick pillowtop? Also I at first didn't think about buying Talalay pillows to go with my new mattress (since I just bought new ones) but I'm glad I did! My neck never felt better-I love these pillows! The mattress and the pillows are an awesome combination-they're almost a necessity to have! I can now sleep better and wake up with much more energy even though I only have very few hours to sleep everyday.
      Thank you for the great customer service. I was able to ask a lot of questions without getting hassled!”

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      Eugenie A. (Melbourne, FL)
      “I am convinced that Sleep-Like-A-Bear's latex toppers are the most comfortable sleeping surfaces on the planet.
      I have become disenchanted with memory foam. After awhile, it "remembers" where you have had your weight on it, and doesn't spring back with as much resilience as before. Instead, latex toppers never lose their resilience... they provide a constant level of comfort over time.
      My original latex matress purchased elsewhere twenty years ago still has kept in perfect shape. Only one problem, it's too firm.
      So I bought a one-inch soft topper on top of a two-inch medium topper. This combination gives just the right amount of support and plushness. It  has helped me sleep comfortably even though I've had recent shoulder surgery and neck problems.
      My daughter has a two-inch soft topper. She loves it so much I find her going to sleep without having to be told!! Now, if we could just get her out of bed in the morning in time for school!!
      We've also recently tried the plush latex queen size pillows. They make it so much easier to find a comfortable sleeping position in spite of chronic shoulder and neck problems. And you don't have to keep fluffing them up like down, and they don't squash flat like memory foam. We're very happy with Sleep-Like-A-Bear's great customer service and support. They know their product, and they sell the best toppers on the market.
      I'm so glad I found them... the long search for the perfect sleeping surface finally brought me to the right place!”

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      Elaine from New York
      “Thank you for your help in assisting me to choose the \"perfect\" pillow for me. It is your Rejuvenite Restora NuForm Pillow. Since I am an allergy and asthma sufferer, it is important that I choose a pillow that will not aggravate these problems.  This pillow is like sleeping on a cloud, absolutely heavenly. It is so much more comfortable than my old \"memory foam pillow\".
      You were most helpful and caring , making me feel that you were the company I wanted to deal with. This is the best pillow I have ever used. I am referring friends and family to you also.  Again I thank you and my neck and head thank you for a great night\'s sleep. ”

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      Patsy B. (Las Vegas, NV)
      “We love the plush mattress topper that we bought from you.  What a difference it does make in sleeping!!  My husband had shoulder surgery for a tendon that had come loose by itself in the shoulder months ago.  He had trouble sleeping afterwards until we bought the plush topper.  He could again sleep on that side without difficulty.  We also like the terry cloth mattress cover.  It doesn't look anything like terry cloth; it's just comfortable, besides keeping the plush topper cleaner.  Your prices are very reasonable on the other sized toppers, & you were the only company that sold the 14 plush topper.”
      As Always,"
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      B. Levers (Esperance, NY)
      “The absolute finest vendor I have ever dealt with.”
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      K. Mesirow (Seattle, WA)
      “Dear folks at Sleeplikeabear.com,
      We are so happy we bought your latex topper.  We were at our wits end before we discovered your website via some mattress blogs.  It saved the day as we have struggled to find the best new mattress we could and still ended up with one too hard. But now we are sleeping fine.
      I also wanted to mention your fantastic customer service when I called and explained our issues.  Your sales agent had suggested two different toppers to try and we did.  One was enough and your return policy is very good.  We experienced only professional customer service all by email which made is so easy.
      Thank you so much, I have already told many folks about your website and services.

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      A. Caro (Aguadilla, Puerto Rico)
      “I want to thank Evelyn for her guidance in buying just what i wanted, To sleep like on a cloud. But this would not be possible if it wast for the quality of your mattress toppers they are the best, worth what you pay. I bought a 3 inch topper combined and ever since I got it I have been dreaming, and this did not happen for a long time. That means I am getting a good nights sleep Thank you sooooooo much.”
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      V. Borsi (Wollerau, Switzerland)
      “Hello Eileen, we wanted to tell you that we were very happy with the mattress and the whole order.

      Your assistance was very good !

      Thank you, thank you!"
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      A. Blodgett (Hemet, CA)
      “For over a year I had been suffering with my hips aching every morning, often awaking me at 4:30 a..m.. I would have to get up and sit in a recliner in order to get relief.. At christmas time I heard about \"SLEEP LIKE A BEAR\", and the different products they sell, as a senior on a fixed income, I thought these products were luxury items, how wrong I was.  My husband and I bought a 3 inch mattress, it is the best item we ever purchased. I no longer awake hurting, instead I am refreshed from a full nights sleep and have more energy. My husband sleeps longer and does not awake complainning aboy his back..  Thank you \"SLEEP LIKE A BEAR\".  Ann and Lyle Blodgett”
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      P. Bartelloni (Palm Harbor, FL)
      “These pillows are incredible !! Best nights sleep we've had in years. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”
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      E. R. (Washington)
      “I have tried many different ways to help relieve my physical stress for years, between massages, chiropractor, more days off from work, you name it……. I finally found that the mattress topper and pillow made from Talalay Rubber has helped me tremendously. It relieved my aches and pains when I get up in the morning and I wake up feeling with a lot of energy. My body doesn’t need the extra time to get my gears going to start my hectic day. The rubber is soft, breathable, resilient and conforms to my body that resulted to my good sleep and without the aches and pains in the morning. What a RELIEF!!!!”
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